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  1. Haven't Seen a Single Spammer

    So they waisted 6 hours for a chat fixx that did not work. Even more stupid. Ah well should have guessed, same happened in FAILstar even pay'd for founder on that one. (stupid me) and code does not have flaw's only if you put flaws in it. They should open 1000 more servers so we dont have wait list anymore, and no need to buy premium, so in 3 months we can all be merged with the rest of the empthy servers. Hey wait this aint FAILstar is it.
  2. Haven't Seen a Single Spammer

    Well i am done. Just called paypall, like in wildstar NCsoft peeps are just STUPID they do the same thing over and over again. if you blow *cricket* dont release games in the west. Fixing a problem that would be ez to keep in line by having GM's in game, they fix their STUPID shit by punishing the normal peeps that PAY to PLAY. wtf is a mmo where i cant talk to people. nice problem fixing retards, and uu still wonder why FAILstar is dead, I bet my ass on the fact that this game will be DEAD faster then wildstar was. Last week number 750 in premium line with 3500 non premium in the list, today same time 50 premium and 450 non premeium. GZ you just killed it.
  3. Yeah goldsellers in the KR version released at June 30, 2012 work differently in English :P AND they prolly did not have problems with 1.4 billion Asians trying to login compared to the 750 million in the EU and 350 million in NA. Asians login a different way then the rest of the world. Somehow i call that bullshit.
  4. My Angel Outfit

    Looks like a guy wearing a skirt. And the translation is crap. Must be from an (illigal) englirish translated server.
  5. Problem logging in

    WOOT same here. I selected my char and now i am "Connecting" guess that takes 10 minutes. Damn fun. one gets a DC and you need to wait 1 hours to return. At least they had somthing in place in wildstar for that, if you DC you could just log back in.
  6. Problem logging in

    I know been watching it for 15 minutes i am getting dizzy :P
  7. Problem logging in

    Its a new introduction. since lotsa peeps bought the 7 day premium they have made a wait list for the wait list :P I have been waiting to enter the wait list for 15 minutes :P (wonder if there is anything in the cash shop to skip it)
  8. Game keeps crashing (French client)

    Lukey *cricket*. normally gamegard will put you on the ban list for using wtfast. (got no clue why peeps use that) your internet goes faster when u drink cola you know (and now 50% of the peeps start buying cola) Zzz.
  9. The game is worst after today's update!

    You must be in luck i got a DC (again) streaming winamp still going so not my problem. And since then i have been looking at a fly over of the dragon for 10 minutes. Ah well thats what premium buys you. a wait list to enter the wait list ? Zzzz.... 2 months its over. maby the 2 february (secret update) will fix it.
  10. Agree. btw its not your mouse it that logitec software. I never use the software from my razer keyboard (only to change the colours)
  11. Australian servers

    Oceania 36 million peeps. Germany 85 million peeps. England 65 million. EU region 750 million NA region 450 million. I think that will answer your question. Never gonna happen.
  12. QUEUE big problem !!!

    Let me guess you waited for 2 years, but you dont wanna pay for it. Takes me like 10 minutes to get it at every time of the day, but hey i PAY'd for it.
  13. I've been Banned...AGAIN...

    Let me guess you where "AFK" while swinging your weapon to prevent u from getting kicked. Me and lots of others do a "report bot" on that stuff, good luck..