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  1. This is someone's first experience with a Money Grab Title. lol QA doesn't matter when the company's development goals are to pump out content in the 6 month life span they are aiming for with the game.
  2. no, they deranked. They are still there and it looks like they have a bug that can DC you now. Played 5 matches and was DC'd out of 3 bot matches but the two normal players were fine.
  3. How about making it so you only get Zen Beans from your dailies? and making it so you get enough for one soulstone pouch if you complete all of them?
  4. it will kill the gold sellers and normalize pvp?
  5. Please disable zen beans after this season is over until we have a solution for the bots.
  6. you made a bid on the marketplace
  7. Over 1950 and all bots. 11 matches so far today, not one player.
  8. Playing PvP starting to seem like a waste of time, and that was the reason I got this game...
  9. I think your name sums up this post...
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