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  1. That was just an example of botting that i gave out as being obvious botting and wouldn't really require an investigation.
  2. Being disconnected from the server isn't the same as the server crashing. Most of the complaining and asking for compensation happens during maintenance, when the servers actually go down.
  3. I would have no reason to, unless I see you constantly spamming a gold selling website. I already mentioned one, and others have mentioned some other companies that recruit volunteer moderators.
  4. Simply disconnecting them from the server when they can simply log back in, is denying them service? Bots aren't at their computer monitoring every minute to make sure their bot program is working and still connected to the server, otherwise they wouldn't be botting. Simply having the power to disconnect them from the server will help. If they are botting, they won't notice until they check on their program and game. If they aren't botting, they can just log right back in. A lot of bots are obvious, the gold sellers. I don't think I would need to do a full investigation if I see someone spamming their gold selling website in chat.
  5. I am talking about volunteers in general, doesn't matter if it's in-game or not. YOU stated that volunteers can't be trusted, and I was giving an example that some volunteers CAN be trusted. Limiting what powers they have will help reduce the risk of abuse. Disconnecting or muting players instead of allowing them to use the ban hammer. They can report the behavior to the staff so it can be dealt with quicker, etc.
  6. I am talking about volunteers. I don't see why recruiting volunteers for forums being very different from recruiting volunteers for in-game. You originally stated that volunteers can't be moderators because it's a job, you also stated that they can't be trusted. Volunteers can be moderators as I have seen it on other sites, and to add on to my previous quote, there are actually about 1/3rd of those volunteer moderators who have been a moderator for more than 5 years on Gaiaonline. I am not saying abuse will not happen, but there are people who are honest and trustworthy.
  7. What would be the difference? if websites recruit volunteer mods for forums, why would it be different for mods to handle in-game things?? The same would apply to in-game mods. They can just handle the bots and gold sellers they see while they play the game?? Isn't that what moderators do in the forums? Lurk and handle situations and help others based on what they see in the forums?
  8. Sorry for not clarifying, I meant to have timers to prevent them from logging into the actual game itself for an hour or two, if disconnecting them from the server isn't enough for those persistent bots. I agree with you, though. If they were allowed to do long temp bans or permanent bans that could lead to abuse of their power.
  9. That is not true in all cases, there are websites that recruit volunteers as moderators. A website I used to frequent, Gaiaonline, almost all of their moderators are actually volunteers.
  10. This is the most reasonable way for volunteer mods to deal with bots, in my opinion. Simply disconnect them from the server, make a report to staff who can handle bans to help make the process go faster. Another possibilty is the option to do really small temp bans as timers, if the same bots continue to log in. Example: an hour, 2 hours, etc. (Though that does seem like it would be more work to implement this.)
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    Yes. I wouldn't understand why they wouldn't want to recruit someone who is active, engaging in the community, and actually want to help others. It also wouldn't be as effective to recruit someone who has only a little amount of free time. It would help, but it wouldn't be as effective.
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    I assume people will be a bit worried of those moderators "abusing their powers." An option could be that the moderator can just simply disconnect them from the server as a temp fix, then report to someone who has the power to ban others. I think it would be great to have those in-game moderators who play the game, so when they happen to see these bots while they play, they can just disconnect them from the game.
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    I am asking for information on how to become one. I would love to be one, but I want to know what steps I would need to take to have the chance to become one, that is what I am asking. Those may be some steps to become a moderator on the specific forum you are one on, but that does not mean it's the exact same for the rest of them.
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    Okay, the forums are acting a bit wonky for me right now, posts keep disappearing and reappearing in this thread. o.O
  15. I am definitely up for this. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck contacting a staff member about the possibilty of becoming a moderator. ):