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  1. This. No matter how much money you spend, or how much you no-life, it does not matter.
  2. Yes. That's all there really is. Quests are crap. The crafting should just be deleted, that's how bad it is. Nothing really to do besides combat, combat, more combat. Unless you like unlocking achievements which consist of running dungeons 50, 100, and 1,000 times. BNS is a shallow, pretty avatar dress-up lobby. The game could be so much more if only nc was competent.
  3. This would be a good feature to pay, maybe, 500 ncoin for. Depends on how hard the code is to implement. Pls ncsoft pls?
  4. Wait...... You mean to tell me having 700+ AP doesn't automatically do dungeon mechanics? Weird... /end sarcasm
  5. NC$OFT would effectively kill BNS if they were to release the RNG numbers considering how much is revolved around them.
  6. The real reason why they won't let you discard silly junk items is because they want you to buy more space.
  7. Free in BNS is something you won't ever see.
  8. Good luck with merging clans or increasing size when most basic functions aren't even available....
  9. Maybe NC$OFT should just sell different levels of instances. For example, if you want your level 20 alt to easily solo Yeti... that's OK, just purchase the area scaled down for maybe a minimum of $300.00 USD. Depends on the original difficulty of instance Win win for everyone.
  10. I'm so incredibly excited for this new event that we have, which consists of the already usual daily dungeon grind. And of course, more re-colored outfits to buy in F10, and who knows what else to waste cash on. Hooray!!! Just what I wanted for the holidays in BNS.
  11. Sounds like you have upcoming dev knowledge. Pls nc do this that's the best kind of event ever. And to make it better allow us to buy additional boxes daily full of rng goodies in F10.
  12. Only $200 or $300 for a class re-roll? That's too cheap, the bare minimum price has to be at _least_ $1,000 USD (plus taxes). It will take a huge toll on the coding so the costs are desperately needed.
  13. Such a disgrace.... it's more like a big F U to the people who have supported the game and spent big bucks over time. That's the thanks we get. Hint: not just to B&S but other NC$$$$$ games as well.
  14. Working on it...... for how long? It's like their long known slogan, "soon". No details on how it's going to work, no ETA of when it'll be here, no idea how much it will be...... What I wonder is, how much money is actually being put back in to B&S since NA release until current day?
  15. One would think so since nc is all about that cash money. I would like to see some older outfits back. Hint to the company if they're going to have a black friday sale: the items are supposed to be discounted. Discounted. A real discount. Not regular ncoin price.
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