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  1. the question is... will the na/eu server still be alive when we get this update?
  2. i wonder if one of the winners will be someone that took a screenshot instead of actually drawing something like this guy did
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/Babbletr0n/status/940317839319113728
  4. it looks like they forgot it. the destroyer aransu doesn't seems to have been buffed either
  5. i have done both dungeons around 10 times each and i didnt see a single weapon drop and u cant even get the weapon chest from the dynamic quest either is it bugged?
  6. since the update my game is crashing pretty often and the interface settings always reset when i crash/log out for some reason... anyone else?
  7. i was wondering if this issue was going to be fixed someday? the pet being through the axe has been an annoying problem for destroyer since the pets were released. an easy way to fix this would simply be to give the option to the player to put the pet over the right shoulder instead of the left one
  8. it's been out for awhile in KR and other places but was released less than 2 years ago for NA and EU, they keep releasing more content every 2-3 months
  9. since the last maintenance the game just keep crashing every 10-15min when im in midnight skypetal plain and dawn of khanda vihar no problem in black tower though
  10. Each day from June 20–26 you’ll find a costume in the available items for Today’s Specials. We won’t be telling you ahead of time what they are, so be sure to check every day! they haven't announced any time zone and the europe didn't got those kind of event 1 day late before
  11. the daily reset on the Europe server already happened Sherlock
  12. still no outfit in today's special? they forgot again?
  13. this just shows how they don't give a single ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about their community, xigncode3 did nothing but giving problems to players so far and they won't even consider going back on their decision
  14. got 300 ping now instead of 175 and fps drop way more often than it used to
  15. ever thought about people having over 200 ping? they wouldnt be able to do much without macro + its allowed only in pve not pvp so why complain so much when it doesnt affect you?
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