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  1. @MidnightSix Mushin is from what I hear still highly populated, I play on Jiwan and this server is still fairly populated but not as populated as Mushin is. Those are the top two severs I believe.
  2. Yes changes in quests, like NCWest nerfed our gold and EXP given to us by quests. There are other changes than that on our client, there are changes like that in all clients. The game is different for each region. Yes a DPS meter would be optional but that doesn't keep people from going on and on about how much dps everyone is doing and kicking players for not doing enough dps (why I run with my guild, I do not mind teaching dungeon or "carrying" people). Our market is why I hope NCWest never enables the DPS meter. Yer RNG Boxes do have the effect of reducing the cost of materials, t
  3. @Kitah Do you know how anything with the BnS clients work? The game files are everything. What is in the files is the game lol. The files when compared show every difference between clients. It does show every change made to our client. How I know this? Well compare the TW client to the Chinese client. Compare the Chinese client to ours. I guarantee you, you will see many differences. Onto more of your points. A DPs meter is not needed at all, for these dungeons or any new dungeons we will get. Of course KR gets all patches first lol, when did I ever say they didn't. Also as you even stat
  4. They have changed very little, trust me I have read and compared all game files. Furthermore they did not add the dps meter for us, regardless of what anyone from NCSoft tells us. If that was the case we would have the DPS meter now. Why do I say that you might as. Because look in the game files right now or go on the TW client. The DPS meter is in the game files and active on other clients but not activated for us. NCSoft is proving once again they have no idea what they are doing. Also I will let you know that I am happy there is no DPs meter. It would be even more reason for stupid NA p
  5. I am just here to answer the title. No, I am a BM. I rolled BM on TW as well. It is worse than other versions of the game because America has shit server hosting and terrible internet. That and NCSoft has very poorly optimized the game. People are just bitching and complaining because they do not want to take the time to learn their class. They go to blame NCSoft because they want everything to be easier and handed to them. ('Them' are almost always 99% the casual players.) The game gets better for melee as you will come to see along with the fact that as casual players learn this is not a c
  6. Same thing I have told many people before you. This is a port (easiest port ever). Look into the game files. We have all of the same game data as the other clients NCSoft has to jsut flip a "switch" and we get a update. The only classes we are getting are classes that have been introduced to previous versions of the game. Furthermore NCSoft is not going to hire anyone to put it into the game just for us. Sorry it is just not happening.
  7. Did not take my time to read because..... This is a port (easiest port ever). NCSoft literally just had to hire people to translate and outsource the server work. That is all. If you look in the game files we have all of the patches TW and other Asian clients have. NCSoft literally has to flip a "switch" and we get a patch. There is not 2man in the Asian versions so there is no 2man in the NA version. Furthermore, NCSoft is not going to hire people to add something like that into the game....sorry. It is just not happening.
  8. LOL! OK, I am a major TW server player. You could run 6man Snow Prison with infernal gear for all I *cricket*ing care lol. If you know the dungeon mechanics this dungeon is the easiest thing you have had to deal with so far. Let a truly experienced player tell you something. AP means jack shit. 'Asura' as you all know this dungeon by gives you AP boosts in all of the important boss fights. That is why you can do it with infernal gear. Additionally on the second major boss fight most of the dps comes from doing the mechanics. The tank throws the charged shield and deals millions of damage to th
  9. I will look into doing so. I know there are similarities between docs and office but not sure if that is possible. I personally made this in excel and moved it to docs due to excel being much better user friendly wise. I also spotted a mistake, on the max crit bopae, I intend on fixing here when I have time since the wife is asleep. Either way people should not use max crit bopae unless they do not have a high enough accessory lvl so I have not worried to much about changing it.
  10. So am I the only one that when I need them from market and I check they are at like 6s?
  11. All I have to tell you is do you see anyone dumb enough to buy them? (Also please do not mention the ones that we all know are posted for gold sellers to buy.)
  12. People are not ignoring you. It is not all that unknown that this is how gold sellers do things. The problem is NCSoft has to build a case against a person before banning them. NCSoft does not want to wrongfully ban a player (for many obvious reasons). That means NCSoft has to prove that the player bought gold. There is no real way to prove such a thing unless there are chat logs of the iteration or the gold transferred is linked to a bot in some way. This is why you will not see many gold buyers getting banned.
  13. Yes you are right this IS a game. Just because it is a game does not mean it does not follow real world logic. Blade and Soul has done a very good job at making sure there is as little inflation as possible. If there were to many taxes (in general not just in terms of market) then no one would have enough money for player to player trading. However if there were too little taxing we would have the opposite affect. Players would have so much money that what was once 1 bronze is now 1 silver and the problem would continue until 1 bronze is now equal to that of 1 gold previously. The game supp
  14. Is this in respect to the Silverfrost Part 2 Patch crit damage bopae or current patch bopae? If it is in respect to Part 2 then here is the reason we went with Asura 8. You need 5 pieces of Asura to get the crit damage bonus. That bonus is very massive. If you look at the totals for max crit bopae and crit damage bopae you will see you lose very little crit but gain 5 AP and 7% crit damage. However if this is in respect to the current patch then it is all up to preference. Bonus HP of 830 or Evasion of 268.
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