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  1. I'm on internet since 1990, before that I was playing doors games in BBS, don't try lecture me with your personal opinions, as I've heard talking about p2w probably way before you was born. Now you all new generation youngsters need alternative version of terms you find "politically incorrect" because you deem them offensive. Now, please, 0x90 yourself.
  2. You should educate yourself: http://it.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win&defid=5577668 This definition is accepted since UO private p2w shards came out. *Edit* New generations? I'm almost 40, please, grow up.
  3. Maybe you are the one that needs to get educated. Pay to win has always been intended either as being able to buy exclusive items/gear for money OR to be able to acquire said items/gear faster than everyone else by using money. If it's like you said, I dare them to put legendary weapons in the game gated behind months/years of farming and in the ncoin shop, for $200.
  4. I experienced the frustration of the "one patch after another" fiasco in Tera, where the gear I obtained through grinding pvp and pve became obsolete in a couple of months because they decided to start this new "dish out "new" stuff in short timeframes" thing. Now this is happening even faster in bns, where gold/upgrade mats are strictly tied to limited dailies with fixed rewards (unless you start buying gold with ncoins) and sales on AH are limited as well. The result is a wider gear gap and people bored of playing the "wait for respawn simulator 2016" game.
  5. While I understand that f2p doesn't mean that the company doesn't need money, I see no reason at all to invest in this game or support it. Premium doesn't give char slots nor bank/inventory slots, RNG boxes were put into game even tho they promised to not bring them, purchasing costumes means cluttering the small space you are given to store items, pouches, as I said, are overpriced (80€/char to unlock all slots is a joke) and there's no shared bank. Also, mail to alt was supposedly available without buying ncoins, but it's bugged and there's no ETA on fixing it.
  6. Crafting is awful. Without a shared warehouse you are supposed to mail back and forth stuff from main to alt (impossible if you don't pay), creating a second account doesn't help unless you pay to unlock mail there too, else you'd have to use "trade" function and both chars have to be in the same place. Long crafting times on basic items is annoying as hell. I seriously think that translation was made using google translate :) Anyway, as others have already said 80+€ just to unlock bank/inventory slots in a single character is absurd, like forcing people
  7. What part of "any way to convert cash into gold makes the game p2w" is not clear?
  8. Basically the game should switch to p2w, same thing if they bring back ncoin->gold exchange. No thanks.
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