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  1. I'm on internet since 1990, before that I was playing doors games in BBS, don't try lecture me with your personal opinions, as I've heard talking about p2w probably way before you was born. Now you all new generation youngsters need alternative version of terms you find "politically incorrect" because you deem them offensive. Now, please, 0x90 yourself.
  2. You should educate yourself: http://it.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win&defid=5577668 This definition is accepted since UO private p2w shards came out. *Edit* New generations? I'm almost 40, please, grow up.
  3. Maybe you are the one that needs to get educated. Pay to win has always been intended either as being able to buy exclusive items/gear for money OR to be able to acquire said items/gear faster than everyone else by using money. If it's like you said, I dare them to put legendary weapons in the game gated behind months/years of farming and in the ncoin shop, for $200.
  4. Yes, in Japan gacha is not allowed by law, but the PEGI rating of the game is not correct for EU/NA either.
  5. And you know the best part of this event? That there are so many "smart" people that happily pay to gamble on random items that they have to buy to actually acquire them. And the game is rated PEGI 16 when gambling is not allowed under 18, hilarious!
  6. Item [X] is scarce, price and demand are high. Item [X] is put in a gamble event which offers unlimited attempts for money: it's called "marketing strategy". Rumbling archeum sapling anyone?
  7. It's unlikely that the average joe that needs months to get 2-3 thousand dollars will spend them to p2w and I never said "it's cheap". You can twist and turn as much as you like, but the 1% willing to drop enough cash is and will always be months ahead of everyone else.
  8. Sure, and the gear you need to 2-man Yeti will be gifted by heaven. Don't try to climb mirrors, the average Joe that plays this game needs months to catch up.
  9. Don't worry, prices will drop thanks to the gamble machine that's coming tomorrow. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/spring-treasure-trove-event/
  10. So, a person that can get to endgame gear overnight is not enough p2w for you?
  11. 6v6 arena is not even equalized, the p2winter is coming :)
  12. Paying doesn't just make you "progress faster", you can get end game gear by buying gold and mats with ncoins skipping months of grinding. At the pace that new content is released, I really want to see how many people will be able to catch up. P.S. And gl in the upcoming 6v6 arena if they don't make it equalized.
  13. I'm getting sick of p2w games and people that "wants it easy and want it now" so they buy their way to the end game, screwing all the players that do not want to p2w. Quick tip: if the game was not so bug ridden and managed with some common sense, many people that do not like to give (edited) like me would have invested into it.
  14. When the "ability to do so" is either p2w or grind till you bleed, specially when you have multiple alts, there is a problem. Even Tera is less grindy and more rewarding than BNS and that says it all.
  15. Problem #1 and #2 are tied together and both are a consequence of new content released too fast. Given that I like diversity and I was leveling up different alts with no issue prior the 50 patch, after it I lost all interests in this game due to the flat insane costs of upgrades, unless you start with p2w and buy gold/mats with ncoins. A game can't be a second job.
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