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  1. BNS dead?

    Yes game gets frustrating and a pain in the Ahole sometimes but hey arent all mmos like this,and dnt say its not true and start planting reasons idk what game isnt and bla la bla. the only thing u need in the game is PATIENCE,like most im F2P,True BReeze with awk oath acces,all made with patience,i dont merch nor hardcore farm,jsut daillys and like 4-5 SN a day when i can,at least 2,u get alotta stingers per day with just dailys + bidding,gold u make around 20 easy just by that.\ YES i agree rewards are crap and small but rem its a game,enjoy the view and everything it has to offer,while there still is something :)
  2. Disconnect error (1000)(132,10053)

    i just get DC,but the first time i got DC after i went back in after code input it said i have to connect to my internet provider wich i allready was casue everything else was working perfect.after that i just DCed,reconceted
  3. Disconnect error (1000)(132,10053)

    where is that?
  4. Disconnect error (1000)(132,10053)

    yeah well if they keep it up like this it will go down the drain soon,doesnt matter how much content or new stuff you bring to it if u cant play it
  5. Disconnect error (1000)(132,10053)

    well it gets worse and worse. ive beenw aiting for this game since it launched in Asia but slowlly getting sick off it...
  6. Disconnect error (1000)(132,10053)

    Yep im on my 4th DC so far,cant do anything. jsut did Avalanche den and at boss when he had like 1.6m hp DC . . . so NC FKIN DO SOMETHING ffs,so many friggin bugs and crap
  7. Purchasing NCoin

    hmm k tyvm . . .
  8. Purchasing NCoin

    -_- so step by step i went to My Account - Buy NCoin - new page apears making u choose how much NC - i choose 800 - makes me choose pay method - choose Mastercard - Options input window(card nr and name bla bla) - Confirm - and now i get a screen saying - Processing Your Request and i dnt see any NC in my account,and no didnt take money off card . . . yet
  9. Purchasing NCoin

    so first off,how friggin long does it take to buy NCoin,i mean i made the request like1h+ ago . . . second,make diff purchase options like SMS or phone or w/e other billion options . . .
  10. Error 4049(yes ik,this again)

    k i am donating a big thank you and a warm kitty hug
  11. Error 4049(yes ik,this again)

    TYVM LordGainz,this worked for me
  12. Error 4049(yes ik,this again)

    its repairing now for the last 30m,still at 0% . . . i am sorry for making yet ANOTHER post about it but i did not find any results leading to succes . . .
  13. so i just down latest patch coming from work just to get the 4049 error. nothing works,tryed multiple things,nothing... idk wtf NC is doing but it seems its just going lower and lower . . . any ideeas pls?
  14. an so we start again . . . after you started sv again,restarted,it got stuck on downloading friggin repair files . . .this is tiresome... tryed some options mentioned in different posts on forums,nothing works . . .