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  1. Thank you, is clear there is a limit 10 bundle of 10 training hongmong unsealing charm PER ACCCOUTN, now what we do abaout surplus pounch we have ? hope not pay to win stuff .
  2. where is the official info abaout scroll quantity?
  3. Official info please!!, someone get the same ?
  4. my guild complete get the same , is that ok ?
  5. Server maintenance ? nothing forewarned i think any ans ?
  6. you miss say: all that bots getting items from dungeon, soulstone plains and selling in marketplace (money laundering) or the buyers (who buy gold to the bots)
  7. I send a ticket abaout that , they told me "we need to prove they are bots, to do ban" XD politically correct but while ncsaft take protocolo, we lose like players . PD: My own solution ? active GM + satanic ban
  8. same in here , after maintenance , all my friends are playing without me -.- . need help ty
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