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  1. Forced to PVP

    Unfortunate news for you this is a pvp game, sure there is pve but thats basically to prepare you for endgame. In time you are forced to pick an alliance, and will have to equip your uni to upgrade your windwalking skills and i think some faction stuff is also in main story campaign not sure as its been a while, but other than that you can just skip faction stuff unless you wanna get more money from the dailies.
  2. Pay to Win? or Not?

    I thought those websites were bannable in korea but if its not then oh well, however i doubt ncsoft won't enforce some laws about a third party site like that. The weapons being tradable however I saw it coming since not many people know about resealing charms nor do they wanna waste time crafting it to sell a weapon for even less than that.
  3. Pay to Win? or Not?

    Since you said market instead of cashshop I'm assuming its player based driven, which goes back to people taking advantage. If the players make it pay to win then thats what happens, but I know if ncsoft wanted it to be intentional they would of made it pay to win from the start.
  4. Pay to Win? or Not?

    I am making sense, its pay to be lazy, the idea of currency exhange was so ppl can obtain nc items with their gold. If you wanna sell nc to gain advantage then thats your buisness, but I'm not gunna chalk the main idea behind it pay to win cause people want to take advantage of it.
  5. Pay to Win? or Not?

    pay to win is when they sell you fully upgraded awakened weapon for 100$+ so you dont need to work, having things for convenience is not pay to win, that was also stated in the other topics about pay to win and many people agreed convience isnt pay to win there. Everything you can still get in game without needing to pay. If thats pay to win for you then just dont buy them and work hard for it.
  6. Pay to Win? or Not?

    I only mentioned keys cuz people will most likely look at title and go on that rant again without reading. Gold to ncoin vise versa really isnt considered pay to win either cuz its just an option to be lazy or grind for something.
  7. Pay to Win? or Not?

    as many have said in many other threads no its not pay to win. and don't get started on "but they keeeeeeeeeeys sadface" you can still progress without needing hongmoon keys you just gotta work hard, like mostly everyone else who has no interest in buying. Even I buy nccoin and i havnt bought a single key, mostly cuz i see no point to. Also if you wanna upgrade thats on if youre motivated or not, most will prolly tell you to do it anyway.
  8. ic

    Witch hunt or not, if they still don't allow it and you want to use macros do it with caution just don't be upset if you are eventually caught, Thats all I'm trying to say here.
  9. ic

    I will just say this, since I think its basically what is being worded badly. Even if that game by this company allows macros of any kind whether its double tap, skill cancel, chain combo etc, doesn't mean ncsoft will allow it as well. No matter what logic you put behind it. If they do allow 1:1 ways (which I doubt since I have not seen source on it being officially stated) it really isn't a rule more of an exception.
  10. ic

    Well I wouldn't know seeing my mouse is able to macro as well but i never had any problems since I don't use them. But still get caught get banned when it comes to ncsoft. It may be allowed in some games but in overall, I just wouldn't risk it.
  11. ic

    the thing is its bannable here also. Hell even some ppl got banned accidentally just because their mouse had macro software when they don't even use it. Hopefully thats not the case anymore but still macros arnt allowed on BNS and other games depending.
  12. Need more feminine outfits for males

    Some lyn outfits are iffy I admit btu that also depends on if you like poofy pants. But I'm glad to see we have some modesty for them.
  13. Need more feminine outfits for males

    I agree, need more pretty bois
  14. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I dont care if they dont care, If you read what I just said and what you quoted. Talk to me I will talk to you. I assume you are trying to have a conversation. If you dont want to talk to me dont respond, I wont hunt you down. Now your starting to act a bit childish here. o-O
  15. Just unlock the Warlock already

    If you keep responding to me I will post. Because I think you want to have a conversation. If you dont want me derailing then dont reply to me, if you noticed with how long it took me to responf the other times, I dont lurk this thread.
  16. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I still barely see much discussion on here about warlock itself and not its relapse date, unless those are already buried somewhere in this topic. Also I'm not hating I just don't think hashtags will help in getting more ppl to agree esp if they arn't the type to trend.
  17. No matter how old and hated WoW is there won't be a game to kill it, that will just happen on its own.
  18. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I hardly see discussion on warlock just ppl doing hashtags, and everyone jumping at each other cuz someone said wait and the other said i dont wanna. Fuss. Also I dont care how silly it makes me look, when warlock comes, i'll play it, max it then get bored. I'm not gunna write an essay about release dates if it will soon become stale to me. Sorry if I dont do hype trains. And to the ppl that do care about warlock, I'm sure they also don't care to quote me all the time cuz I say wait. opinions or not, you arn't going to die without your warlock.
  19. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Making a huge fuss of it is tho. My view and point still stands. We get it when we get it. Bored? Do some other activity.
  20. Disconnect after disconnect

    delayed fixes yes.
  21. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I may be spoiled but im not that bad. lol I wouldn't care, we get it when we get it.
  22. Disconnect after disconnect

    Dude I havn't logged onto the RU one in forever XD Besides I think I installed it on my old pc so gotta fish that out.
  23. BnS Improvements Megathread

    it just came out! way too early to think about a second launch on steam, besides when a lot of games move to steam the bot problem grows even bigger or if they didn't have one before it starts to become a problem. Not only that but it will just serve the same region locks that we already have, so it will just be NA/EU reinstalling it through steam.
  24. Disconnect after disconnect

    I don't know if we will get a fix seeing its Pres Day and all.
  25. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Just want to say Soon™ doesnt mean 1 week two weeks or even a month. Besides didn't we get new content recently?