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  1. More balanced than some other games. But if the person is skilled as their class you most likely wont be able to a damn thing to them and if they are ranged at that? good luck getting close lol.

    I honestly dont care if their intention was to attack me or not. But whatever is going on with the servers they should prolly do another maint. I'd rather get kicked and wait for maint then get kicked and wait in line for the cycle to repeat.

    I was in the game a long time ago I just decieded to switch to an alt to actually make some progress, so yeah I guess I have to be patient. Oh noes Also if people say the server are ups you have to expect people to immeditaly try to get back in before giving them time to fix it. Instead of doing a maintenace which seems to be a better option at this point

    My que is 513 in premium So much for paying to cut in line lol

    So who wants to make a bet? :^)

    The cycle repeats

    Even the launcher is down gg >>
  8. So...

    I was in que as #342 for an whole 30mins. I'm not joking non of the numbers were moving at all. Thinking I crashed I moved my character around in the screen. Nothing... game was working just fine. SO I hit cancel hoping to still have my spot back but instead I was bumped down to 4.6ks.... WHat the hell is this NCsoft?
  9. So...

    I canceled because I thought it was bugged. usually when something gets buggged you have to reset it. Its bad enough I was waiting since 7am my time its literally almost 4pm here and I havn't been able to get in at all. And yes I did other stuff you think I'd stare at my pc this long? o-O
  10. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    Even if its a small numbers that means rpers will still be there. Noone said about it being overrun either. And its an unofficial declaration, unless NCsoft agrees to make Jiwan known as a rp server it can be whatever server you want it to be for you.
  11. What's your number game

    At #447 almost 4 hours >< Was asleep most of the time tho.
  12. Show off your characters!!

    My little boi And my little gurl Sorry no full bodies, stuck in que at 4422 so I havnt gotten the chance.
  13. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    People have voted on a poll to make it an unoffical RP server, so its going to slowly become one. Plus there are already hyrbid or full rp guilds recruiting there anyway. I do not know if it has been voted to be a BR base though, and frankly don't care as long as I can find english speakers still.
  14. AH I see thats good then. ^-^
  15. Really? Damn and I was hoping to do some RP on Jiwan as well. .-. Well once Soha is unlocked I'll roll there then.
  16. According to this its Jiwan ^-^