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  1. f4 brings up friends and block menu IKR just because they get bored of a game or finds an issue out of the player's control its DEAD and FLOPPED
  2. MST its 2am so thats why Jiwan is instant que Across US Id say its about 1-5AM but I'm not so sure as i dont pay attention to the other timezones
  3. You're acting like a bigot on a public forum and expect people to mind their business? And from what I read you were the hostile one first till Moolin decided to retort and even though it was snarky I can't blame him. So no one knows what endgame really is? Good then leave it at that and share your opinions without throwing insults.
  4. 2-3? what server are you on lol on jiwan i had 21 to block and report before I gave up and deleted region chat.
  5. You seemed to have been over hyped for the game really. As for my reason for even playing NA server cuz I enjoyed my time trying out RU one. The crafting system doesnt entirely work as you think it would. Basically you join a crafting guild, do a quest to find an item then turn it in. From there you can order that item on a 30min timer and receive the mats to guess what? give to an npc to "craft" you the item after another 30mins. Unfortunately even though it is optional pvp is technically the main focus of this game, the pve is just here to prepare you for high lvl
  6. All you have been doing is being rude in post and seem to ignore that OP acknowledges the fact that end game is what it currently is. Then have the thought to think about insulting them further by saying something off topic about your life on a forum. You're just making yourself look bad on your own I don't have to instigate anything. Instead of being so harsh maybe just accept the fact he has an opinion and you have your own.
  7. Yet while you have a life you are starting arguments on a forum?
  8. Maybe lvl an alt to waste some time?
  9. I hardly see games with oceanic servers unless its a browser game like I said unless im supposed to know every game in existence?
  10. I can only assume the reason why there is no servers for those regions is due to NA/EU having the most revenue of players. I hardly even know any games with SEA servers unless its a browser game.
  11. And whats worse about wipes is that depending on boss noone tries to clear adds or only one person is trying to hold them off lol.
  12. It does not cost 35 silver it cost me like 2 copper e-o and this was before I bought premium Unless you mean the copper sword in this case i got it off a ram by pure chance XD
  13. Laptop as well and you defiantly need an upgrade. Im surprised that poor thing didnt explode.
  14. 2mins ago I got in in less than 30secs Now my friend has to wait about 30 minutes GG Jiwan
  15. I didnt say it was only for rpers .-. I dont talk in chat anyway unless im IC so it doesnt matter to me other than that fact
  16. Please do how am I supposed to rp if I have to type 2 sentences max. >>
  17. Sometimes the internet mix with server lag doesnt fully register someone logging out the game. Trying again always fixes it.
  18. You can transmute a weapon look onto your hongmoon one. I styled mine to have the copper sword look.
  19. I know youre not complaining but voicing out for others is going to give you the remarks back. No matter how unfair it is there isnt a thing you can do about it but keep trying. I did that dgn at lvl 20 didnt get my blade till about lvl28 (cuz i stopped to quest for a bit) There are going to be progression halts at times if people let them get them down then its not in control of the company that is hosting the game not developing.
  20. If you think its abusive then you have to get over it or do without. And seeing as this is a weapon necessary you have to get over it. If you want to do without may as well find another game with even more rng. Just keep trying and you'll get you weapon eventually. Its not like you are paying real cash money at a chance to get a blight weapon. Instead of being determined be more tenacious about it. Seeing as determination with bad results just end up with you getting upset over something not worth that much stress.
  21. So any rng is rigged because you got the bad end of it. Great. How about one of the wheels of fate in cinderlands? its always drop on 8 no matter the character or how many essence you give it. Now that is rigged. It took me about 16 tries to get my Lynblade while others got their weapon first time or had to do about 30+ runs. Not gunna waste my time explaining equation half the people will even get to come up with a hypothesis when it still matters on pure luck. You can try any method people say and it might work and it might not again LUCK
  22. There isnt really any atk spd aspect like in tera so its faster paced. Not all classes can block with a skill but those usually have more evasive skills/counters
  23. Troll or major butthurt or both :^) I mean have you seen their other topic? lol
  24. Both are full of shitters/BM people so it wont really matter
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