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  1. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    Even if its a uncommon drop doing all your daily quest should net you about 3-5 or even more not sure, assuming you are lvl 20-30
  2. Uhm this isn't tumblr or twitter. o-O
  3. Multiple accounts

    I dont think ncsoft allow multiple accounts like most games. But I'm not 100% sure.
  4. Microtransactions?

    Uhm no pay to win is when they sell you stuff that give you an advantage. Such as gear that gives you huge stat boost and just flat out selling you high tier weapons. If the player is too lazy to do a few runs of blackram narrows for blight fangs then thats the player's problem and choice to be lazy. Besides blight fangs are like 9-12 copper for one they can even buy off other players to be lazy.
  5. Microtransactions?

    These micro transactions arnt pay2win the stuff in materials are gainable in game not only that but like 40 ncoins for 10 I just see it as "hey if you got nccoins left over waste them on these cheap things." Not only that but the same items can be bought with Hongmoon coins. Earned currency. Supply is just full of field stuff like revive charms repair hammers and keys which you can also get in game. Unless inventory size packs is considered pay to win as well.
  6. I like how...

    The forums can have 20+ replies but ZERO views. I know the forums are still being worked on but this is rather humorous to think view count isn't working.
  7. Yes in fact since first day launch region and faction chat was telling people how to turn it off. Edit: Whoops didnt know this was a guide thought you were asking cuz title.
  8. Maybe word got out? Or they only call you that so the game reminds you you are important in some way. But yeah it doesn't make sense if some random townie with a side quest calls you Jyan or Jyansei
  9. Censorship and Changes

    None of the outfits are censored the only censorship was done to the quest line as one already stated. Any images of the censored outfits are CN client only. Or RU but they have the option to decensor on the launcher so not counting it.
  10. BnS Reaction Gifs

    lag while jumping Lag while gliding Lag

    I'm still in game on Jiwan :s
  12. NA server down?

    Im still on the na server, no disconnects or anything. o-o
  13. Petition: Chat Size Increase.

    I thought they said they were working on it o-o

    Yeah thats the problem with some mmos, so many skills have your fingers playing twister on your controller lol
  15. I havn't played PSO2 as I was told the game servers are no longer running. I havn't been on AION recently but then again I hardly go to the market on that game at all unless to sell something.
  16. I never played a game where you were able to buy one or two items from a bulk. o-O
  17. which is the most populated server?

    Mushin is more populated than Jiwan

    I'm too lazy to have to map my logitech to this game so I just stick with keyboard and mouse. But controller does feel more natural in general.
  19. Pornographic Content

    Even games that are rated for mature players or adults still do not allow pornographic content in their game, even if the game itself is highly suggestive. Its not allowed and should be reported.
  20. Is this ban worthy?

    So the OP thought you were fishing for achieves the lazy way when in reality you were just filming for your recruitment video, and now understands that. Yet youre still attacking them and calling them a crybaby? I'm sure the thing was settled a few moments ago give it a break. o-o
  21. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    Yeah your post was pretty confusing reread it a few times. Just void my previous posts. XD
  22. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    i canz reed
  23. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    i canz reed
  24. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    I like the OPVP a lot but its kinda sad seeing BM people running around shit talking. I even felt bad for this one cerulean I killed without knowing they were afk (as I seen them walking a few moments before attacking) and ressed him then my faction members saw it and got on my ass about it and killed the poor guy. Not only that but if a few lvl 4s are fighting in the pass near bamboo village some high lvls decided its fun to rain on their parade and shit talk them. Like c'mon man. I can care less if you gank the noobies but dont treat them like crap cuz you one shot them. >>