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  1. Skill Expansion Ticket a bit op? (Not QQ)

    It could be a bit cheaper in my opinion but at least its not like some games where a single skill unlock is 15-20$
  2. Then do it on the reddit. Name shaming is clearly not allowed on the forums, you should be glad they even edit the post first and give a warning.
  3. Then you are going to cause unnecessary trouble for yourself with the mods if you do that, but hey its your account. `-`
  4. If people shame you for that then they need to get over themselves, seriously. I can understand maybe cracking a little harmless joke. Like I often get joked about buying doboks but mostly cuz my friends know I'm called BestWaifu on the forums. But if you're being attacked for buying a cash shop then that's their own *cricket*ing problem. And I'm sure you are the most Kawaii Gon out there <3
  5. I dont see how its embarrassing o-o Annoying? sure! I get so annoyed when I win a jackpock on TERA and get spammed "You lucky *cricket*, lol gib bak ur mom hur kredit kard, are you selling??? Can I haz?" etc but shouldn't be embarrassed with how you use your money, its your money. Unless you bought the male version of the angel lingerie then i can see that embarrassment but hey a guy gotta look pretty too right?
  6. Not sure it was like that in the RU version as well if i remember correctly so it never dawned on me.
  7. I understand this is *cricket*ed up and you are all pissed but this can be considered name and shame even if it was a cross server queu.
  8. Daily Spin Is Totally Rigged!

    93/100 3 rolls a day. rolled 4 6s barely had any 1 or 2s usually i roll 3 and 4 got about 1 5. (lol) I assure its not rigged.
  9. Maintenance?

    I havnt logged on Jiwan yet so I cant say for sure
  10. quest bug: way of the summoner part 1

    The combo is to use V then C C is usually greyed out cuz the cat has to be in range of the target @OP Yeah I noticed it wasn't registering the combo as completed either.
  11. Thinking of trying drawing, need some tips

    Drawing decently depends entirely on you some can learn in weeks, months or years. So that is a pretty vague question.
  12. BnS Reaction Gifs

    Gold spammer intensifies
  13. Is Adorable | Cerulean | Social | PVE/PVP

    Also interest in joining, was thinking of trying a new server but wasnt too big on it but your guild sounds super fun. ^^ IGN Ya Chao
  14. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    Unfortunatly that won't really work here seeing as in TERA people actually farm for max infamy. >> But then again KTERA has harsher punishment than NATERA but I still don't think that system will stop any griefing here either.
  15. So I drew my Lyn

    I been practicing with a style I wanna start using and for practice drew my Lyn Not really that great but this was done at 4am with no sleep so yeah. I dont know if I'll draw my other characters or do a full body yet. This was just a spur of the moment thing.
  16. So I drew my Lyn

    Depends on what Program you use. I use Manga Studio EX 5 (Aka Clip Studio Paint) so there is already a gradient tool. You can see my process here And there are many other tutorials that show cell shading and even more detailed than how i shade such as this for Paint Tool Sai users on deviant art So I recommend going to that website often. LearnManga is also a great group that shows many different styles of colouring as well.
  17. So I drew my Lyn

    I hardly post unwatermarked images on anything that isnt an art dedicated site or a forum I have been a part of for a long time or is a group of people I have known, So I'm sorry for that. Cartoony abstract is more like this Its not just about colour popping but also the overall image, its more whimsical and usually features a lot of themes.
  18. So I drew my Lyn

    No specific name but it falls in cartoony anime style which has many different versions of itself as well.
  19. Cosmetics are bound to the one character, so choose wisely
  20. So I drew my Lyn

    Thanks everyone ^^ Im so glad you like her. I might draw my other characters now then heh
  21. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    The dailies is a uncommon drop like I said. I'm lucky I even get 4 on my assassin with how low her level is. But its not unobtainable at least.
  22. BnS Reaction Gifs

    And when that other player is a lvl 45.
  23. So I drew my Lyn

    Thanks @Sachi and @dmoe33
  24. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    Oh if youre 39 you should be getting more than my estimate if you do all dailies from first continent to where you are now.