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  1. Id rather have a ton of maints than no fixes at all. I mean the game was recently launched you expect them to fix all the problems in one maint?
  2. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    hair length doesnt matter, hair texture does. I have very very thick hair, so my parts are practically non existent. however I seen stringy hair people with large parts. Just because you dont have large parts doesnt mean its the same for everyone. Also if you wanna blame it for being broken blame the korean modelers who made it exactly like her concept art, which features a large part. NCsoft just hosts the game.
  3. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    Its called a hair part, not a bald spot. also not not everyone has a skinny line for hair parts especially if their hair is very stringy.
  4. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    Works just fine for me on win10
  5. Issues with AH

    I just tested it searching for MW stones gave me a list of MW stones, and at 6+ gold. I'm not sure why viridian ones were showing up for you but its not ncsoft's fault for players pricing the items they farmed to sell
  6. Support CLass?

    As this person said the classes have support perks. But that doesnt mean there is a support class like healer. There is tank perks dps perks and support perks(heales and chi/focus) thus DPS support And as i said earlier, unless the OP means SPECIFICALLY DPS SUPPORT there is no cleric like support class. This isnt EE.
  7. You ma?

    I thought this was a brag post at first lol was hoping for a few laughs. Im not 100% sure as I cant really make out the pronunciation and I'm not 100% fluent in korean. But it sounds like Yeonma, what that means I have no idea
  8. Support CLass?

    Yes as I said in my edited post I just checked. I barely rerolled a summoner here about 2 days ago and since im focusing on my BD I havn't gotten to the point of skill tree upgrades.
  9. It's literally 1v2 when you duel a summoner

    If you know what to do they arnt hard to beat, I had no problem with summoner on RU server with my assassin. Sure some kicked my ass btu they arnt unstoppable.
  10. Support CLass?

    Really? for some reason for me its reading as a self heal. Dbled check the summoner can have skill trees to AOE heal. This is the problem with me playing RU servers when I cant speak the language lol But its still a dps support and not a pure support healer.
  11. It's literally 1v2 when you duel a summoner

    least the pet is temporary and warlock is squishy :P
  12. Support CLass?

    What good is healing yourself gunna do when your other party members are near death e-e Unless the op is specifically asking for DPS support and not a cleric type class there is no pure support class.
  13. Support CLass?

    Its a dps support its not a healer as its skills are self heal only. Read.
  14. Support CLass?

    There is dps support builds for some classes. But healers of any kind are a no (even tho summoner can heal it doesn't count cuz its self heal and to heal the cat only.) It won't mess anything up unless faceroll all dei eredei. There are dragon coils in dgns to protect the player from near/death 2/2 times.
  15. Daily dash Lock.

    Its account locked and not worth making a second account to use daily dash for bonuses as they are not tradeable either
  16. NC to Gold ratio?

    I know how currency ratios work o-O But i'm not gunna trust one guy on one server when the game hasnt even been out for more than 14 days. Until I see a fair amount of people selling nccoin for that amount then I wont take it seriously, Not only that but he never showed up again after that one time, and I hangout in Bamboo village quite often.
  17. NC to Gold ratio?

    I only saw one person selling ncoin but I doubt he ever sold any, especially since he was in a low level region chat. I think he wanted 40nc : 5g tho im not sure as i dont remember well
  18. how do these websites even sell gold?

    I blocked 50 bots in less than 10 mins with another 40 or so slowly popping up in another 20-30mins. If bots are constantly be creating in this short amount of time, I assure the ones that dont spam are farming thousands of mobs and playing the AH like crazy to generate huge amounts of gold. So no ncsoft isnt giving them gold. e-e
  19. Crash after character selection

    Ahahahahaha this made my day. Glad I'm not the only one who types that into crash reports.
  20. Awesome thanks I was so afraid that I might have missed it seeing as I wasn't able to get founders. XD
  21. Speaking of which has the Phoenix costume been released as a event thing or is it a soon to come for the store. Cuz I really hope I didn't miss it ;w;
  22. 100 moves and!

    OH GRATS! If I'm lucky with rolls I should have mine after dash spin reset. Also beautiful Jin you have there ^^
  23. I have a logitech mouse with side buttons and it does as well come with its own macro settings built in, but since i did not program my mouse buttons to activate the macro software, it is not detected and thus I have not been banned. The only reason you would get banned for it is if you have a mouse button that uses the macro program to do auto functions example such as recording a combo into the macro and having a mouse button activate the combo chain. As said as above (or below as I'm not sure where the forum will put my post.)
  24. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    I personally think any infamy system is useless no matter how well done it is cuz like as the other person you quoted said "people just don't give a *cricket*." I only used TERA as an example cuz its the only game I bother to pvp on other than bns. I only have AA installed for RPing XD