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  1. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    As a female I simply got over it, besides some girls wanna run around sexy too. :u If it bothers you that much the lyn have the most modest outfits, very few are skimpy. Yun as well but a lot are also revealing they are kind mixed on that. And if its more of a problem of seeing others you can hide players as well.
  2. Unable to chat

    Its a bug and they havnt fixed it yet which is annoying as fk
  3. Need help identyfying some pervy outfits

    Its ok, but if you wanted to ask me the question to see if i knew itd would of been better to type @[BestWaifu] without the brackets. This also applies to anyone else.
  4. Need help identyfying some pervy outfits

    I do not understand why you edited your post to have me ask a question, especially since I didnt even notice the ears till now and frankly they arnt interesting really. Now if you look up, someone has mentioned its a mod.
  5. @NCWEST - Proposed change to pvp system

    This will only increase griefing, a new player gets faction choosing quest chooses faction then immediatly flagged > dead by high lvl. Its bad enough high lvls gank lowbies who want to pvp with other lowbies or just tried the outfit on.
  6. Being a summoner is sad.

    dont let the salty tears get in your way if you like being a summoner then thats all that matters.
  7. I've created a monster....

    Could be worse can be a very tall skinny gon male. And im not joking .-. My poor lyn is now traumatized.
  8. Unless you want to craft expensive ass unsealing and resealing charms. dgn drops cant be traded without resealing them. So its a waste to farm blight weapons and sell to lowbies. Also yeah what roc basically said, gold bots are already lvl 45 and farming, wouldnt want to encourage players waste lvling up a 45 alt just to farm gold from mob drops.
  9. Its to prevent high lvls from farming low lvl dgns for quick money, yeah they could ad the thing where high lvls cant get stuff from low lvl mobs But sometimes doing dgns I might see an occasional 45 just wanting to help make it a fast run, so i'm sure the generous and the plzcarryme would be upset that even if it was a fast dgn they don't get jack shit for it. XD
  10. Is this armor set available in game?

    There is a in game alteration of that outfit design. as Jem said
  11. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    Thats not what I meant at all I only mentioned me roleplaying as to why I personally wouldnt make a baby lyn. If you want to roleplay as a baby go ahead, I have at times too, but when it comes to pvp games with lore leaning onto the faction side, I wouldn't really want to see babies and children have to deal with that. Sure its realism, but I personally don't want my soilder to walk up to a crying child and them saying my parents died cuz action b are meanies. My characters altho neutral (unless stated evil) would pretty much be heartbroken at that. And I don't like my babu's being sad. >>
  12. Regium Corvus In-game vs. Concept Art

    I like the legging/pants concept more tbh. But I can't take your complaint seriously, even TERA outfit contest winners they said the design in game might be altered. Me also being a artist, if I design a costume, and win the contest I entered it in, and even if they made changes to its look in game, I'd still be grateful they even chose my design and that other people can wear it all. Unless the original designer is upset about the changes I just see this as being whiney.
  13. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    Dont take it as offense. Yes baby Lyns are cute for looks but me as a roleplayer don't really like it as I mentioned from playing on TERA and SB. Doesn't mean I think all baby Lyns are the bane of the lyn existence o-O It doesn't have to do with my taste so dont assume stupid things like that. I'm not sure you even fully read my full post. Keywords; ROLEPLAY TERA SCARLET BLADE you see it now?
  14. Show off your characters!!

    omg she is the most precious thing.
  15. Dilemma - Lyn is not sexy

    Lyns are cute But I hate when people make "baby lyns" Yes its their character and thats what they see cute. But having to play loli races on mmos like TERA and believe it or not SB of all games. I started to develop this thing as a rper; If I pick the loli race I make them look as adult as possible and have their rp age be late 20s+ Unless I'm specifically asked by friends to rp as their child, and they want a very young child. My summoner for example is my tallest lyn with the careless spirit voice. In character her physical age is 30s (She is a river spirit and ages slowly so she still looks fairly young than her actual age.) My BD is a little shorter but slightly taller than default height. In character she is 27
  16. Show off your characters!!

    Shhh Its ok, could be worse and you could exceed your purchase limit, haha. Like me .-.
  17. New Class in BnS?

    I know right! they are so graceful and delicate itd be like a dream. They can even base the skills on various fan dancing too :> /ilikefansxux
  18. Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.

    Even if whispers work, we still cant pm another if one of us go into a certain zone, (for stupid reasons) would you also consider changing this anytime soon?
  19. Show off your characters!!

    Guess I'll post my summoner in here as well.
  20. New Class in BnS?

    Dual Fan class for Yun plox!
  21. New Class in BnS?

    From the BNS Dojo So first it will be Jin exclusive so the person you quoting was correct. The Gon and Kun/Yun is already out assuming they are still working on warlock for us, if we are getting both Jin and Lyn WL in one patch I am not sure.
  22. Need help identyfying some pervy outfits

    Hmm not sure why announcements said Jan 29 then
  23. Need help identyfying some pervy outfits

    #2 is the phoenix outfit not out yet. Back to school is apparently supposed to be out today, havnt logged in so cant confirm4
  24. how to check birthdate

    Fastest entry is usually putting in your actual birthdate. Also that tittle typo...