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  1. Is this pay to win

    Cinderlands is a target low lvl pvp gank spot due to the faction quests, just take off your uniform cuz thats the only time you should worry about ppl being advanced in gear than you, so then you won't have to rage quit. Its still possible to get all your end game stuff without needing to spend cash, in fact its possible for advancing anything without needing the store keys. Just stop being lazy and grind rather than whine about a few bucks. Premium money boost is pretty meh with the amount of money mobs drop in general so no its more like premium gets some extra pocket change. Money raking is from dailies like everyone said.
  2. Servers just get pooped on?

    huh i wasnt able to connect so i figured it was maint, since i was absent for a while
  3. Issue regarding prolonged payment

    yep -.- and its still happening.
  4. New RNG Box in Shop!

    we got the message the first post, how many more different topics do we need with this picture in it o-O Might as well print it out and hang it on your wall. wow the mods were fast to merge this one lol NULL
  5. Tfw More p2w than china

    seeing as its a rng box no im not triggered. If imma blow money for a chance at moonwater key on rng i may as well just buy the actual key o-O also holy shit those dragon pouches.
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    not interested in costume so not gunna play this box. its limited time only anyway
  7. [Guide] Mastering Lyn Bladedancer by Think

    There is now a class subforum where you can post this guide btw o-o May want to have the mods put it there so it wont get flooded over by random stuff.
  8. GG is old as *cricket* of course any new hacks wont be stopped.
  9. Where are the patchnotes ?

    They are in the news and announcements section of the forums.
  10. How the hell do you defeat summoners?

    Thanks im not too knowledgeable on chinese folklore and supernatural.
  11. Ran out of hongmoon keys, can't upgrade weapon?

    What level are you? You can get more keys from lvling/ingame surveys/quest and i think the reward chest have a chance of dropping them but i have to dbl check.
  12. How the hell do you defeat summoners?

    That is a type tailsman As for what the tailsman says in game i do not know
  13. BnS got update everyday?

    Frequent updates are usually hot fixes that dont have to have downtime of many hours. Todays hotfix was more spam prevention and increase specialized block list for spammers. almost two hours and only 2 bots and already gone fast. gj ncsoft
  14. So I'll be frank I love outfits. And I'm sure ncsoft knows with my spending lately heh, anyway i was wondering will there be more outfits available from in game merchants? I honestly dont care how expensive you make them 30g w/e I just want to be able to collect for my characters.
  15. We Should Have An In-Game CAPTCHA System

    Hahaha no, the captcha will just *cricket* me off and make me not want to play. As the person above said I want to play the game not prove im a bot. e-e Besides after this update I hardly see bots on jiwan at all now lfg is full of legit dgn messages and region is dead again rather than the random hi/ty/br/help with boss plz ;( Edit; found one bot but they were gone pretty quick
  16. other than the usual lag it works fine for me, apparently the lag is a problem of not being optimized with the latest nvidia 900 but i dont have enough source to know if its true
  17. Is NA Server down?

    ive been on for more than a few hours o-O wasnt kicked about maint or anything
  18. mouse and ban

    as long as you dotn activate the built in macros to your advantage you wont get banned. I havnt been banned for using my logitech g600
  19. Cant talk

    If you are below lvl 11 they made chat off limits which also includes emotes for some stupid reason.
  20. Sex change (GM please read)

    the new undies were player request cuz the original covered too much of the waist, apparently they said old undies mieght be available as doboks in cash shop but i dont remember when and where they said that and how long itll be no gender change function with it.
  21. So we getting the warlock at the time it was patched for lyn as well, nice.
  22. Chat bug?

    Can you fix it so emotes from f12 menu can still work? The only emote that can be used is /sit and you can only type that in, so I don't get why the emote hotkeys are affected.
  23. Chats wont work on one of my alts

    Doesnt stop gold spammers now they just lvling so they can spam chats. Its literally more of a handicap than a fix.