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  1. Some lyn outfits are iffy I admit btu that also depends on if you like poofy pants. But I'm glad to see we have some modesty for them.
  2. There is now a class subforum where you can post this guide btw o-o May want to have the mods put it there so it wont get flooded over by random stuff.
  3. Shhh Its ok, could be worse and you could exceed your purchase limit, haha. Like me .-.
  4. Guess I'll post my summoner in here as well.
  5. Ahahahahaha this made my day. Glad I'm not the only one who types that into crash reports.
  6. Awesome thanks I was so afraid that I might have missed it seeing as I wasn't able to get founders. XD
  7. Speaking of which has the Phoenix costume been released as a event thing or is it a soon to come for the store. Cuz I really hope I didn't miss it ;w;
  8. Maybe word got out? Or they only call you that so the game reminds you you are important in some way. But yeah it doesn't make sense if some random townie with a side quest calls you Jyan or Jyansei
  9. I hardly see games with oceanic servers unless its a browser game like I said unless im supposed to know every game in existence?
  10. I can only assume the reason why there is no servers for those regions is due to NA/EU having the most revenue of players. I hardly even know any games with SEA servers unless its a browser game.
  11. My little boi And my little gurl Sorry no full bodies, stuck in que at 4422 so I havnt gotten the chance.
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