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  1. Unfortunate news for you this is a pvp game, sure there is pve but thats basically to prepare you for endgame. In time you are forced to pick an alliance, and will have to equip your uni to upgrade your windwalking skills and i think some faction stuff is also in main story campaign not sure as its been a while, but other than that you can just skip faction stuff unless you wanna get more money from the dailies.
  2. Some lyn outfits are iffy I admit btu that also depends on if you like poofy pants. But I'm glad to see we have some modesty for them.
  3. it just came out! way too early to think about a second launch on steam, besides when a lot of games move to steam the bot problem grows even bigger or if they didn't have one before it starts to become a problem. Not only that but it will just serve the same region locks that we already have, so it will just be NA/EU reinstalling it through steam.
  4. There is now a class subforum where you can post this guide btw o-o May want to have the mods put it there so it wont get flooded over by random stuff.
  5. Thats not what I meant at all I only mentioned me roleplaying as to why I personally wouldnt make a baby lyn. If you want to roleplay as a baby go ahead, I have at times too, but when it comes to pvp games with lore leaning onto the faction side, I wouldn't really want to see babies and children have to deal with that. Sure its realism, but I personally don't want my soilder to walk up to a crying child and them saying my parents died cuz action b are meanies. My characters altho neutral (unless stated evil) would pretty much be heartbroken at that. And I don't like my babu's being sad. &
  6. Dont take it as offense. Yes baby Lyns are cute for looks but me as a roleplayer don't really like it as I mentioned from playing on TERA and SB. Doesn't mean I think all baby Lyns are the bane of the lyn existence o-O It doesn't have to do with my taste so dont assume stupid things like that. I'm not sure you even fully read my full post. Keywords; ROLEPLAY TERA SCARLET BLADE you see it now?
  7. Lyns are cute But I hate when people make "baby lyns" Yes its their character and thats what they see cute. But having to play loli races on mmos like TERA and believe it or not SB of all games. I started to develop this thing as a rper; If I pick the loli race I make them look as adult as possible and have their rp age be late 20s+ Unless I'm specifically asked by friends to rp as their child, and they want a very young child. My summoner for example is my tallest lyn with the careless spirit voice. In character her physical age is 30s (She is a river spirit and ag
  8. Shhh Its ok, could be worse and you could exceed your purchase limit, haha. Like me .-.
  9. Guess I'll post my summoner in here as well.
  10. Ahahahahaha this made my day. Glad I'm not the only one who types that into crash reports.
  11. Awesome thanks I was so afraid that I might have missed it seeing as I wasn't able to get founders. XD
  12. Speaking of which has the Phoenix costume been released as a event thing or is it a soon to come for the store. Cuz I really hope I didn't miss it ;w;
  13. Then do it on the reddit. Name shaming is clearly not allowed on the forums, you should be glad they even edit the post first and give a warning.
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