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  1. You wouldnt have your Raven with the current nerf coming tomorrow that this topic is about, do some math like 30days how much u get from daily reward now and after nerf.
  2. Funny when ppl defend bns its the same ppl defend like aion or battlefront 2, these companies dont care about you even you try to defend them they want your money and nothing else deal with it, everything else they pretend is just marketing! They nerf 2 things and upward 1 thing so keep a bit the balance and then pretending they give us more, dont get fooled.
  3. even the arena is equal gear is just not balanced there are games where even with gear difference u have more balanced Arena. No need to talk about 6vs6. Well there is a PvP mmo coming soon. I played bns on release and it was way more fun than now + it had open pvp which is now dead.
  4. Kind kauf dir ein Informatik Buch damit du mal Ahnung von etwas bekommst.
  5. A law or regulation is needed cause there is nothing right now, at least transparency which publisher need to show the rates of the items inside the boxes. Companys can programm every bullshit inside like 0.01% on the "best" item and u cant nothing do against it.
  6. Prices actually already 600g , sure next week 700g. The ppl who needs them cant afford them. Why is it gamble it is a Core item u need, its not the same as Sacred Oil where is it ofc nice to have and some point needed, but you need much more the PTS. Nobody wants to farm weeks to upgrade from raven 5 to 6. The prices on them went from like 400g idk 2 months to this. its ncsoft faul, dont event argue with your math. Even you do like 3 trys there is a high chance u get nothing. This things killed alot of games like Aion stop defending the system.
  7. u guys are lucky that nc actually care and refund the gold u got scammed (most publisher dont do this and telling u its ur fault) in fact it is (most of the time), i mean people try to buy 100 keys from ppl like lvl50 no gear etc use ur brain pls, does this ppl looks legit for u? but since nc refund the gold anyway ppl still trying.
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