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  1. Crashing again because of new patch

    I have the same problem. It crashes like every 5-10 minutes when you use the keyboard.
  2. Crashing during Arena PvP

    I just crashed 4 times in a row, unacceptable to lose arena points like this. lol?
  3. I am having crashing reports in Arena PvP and my points are being deducted from crashing? Is there a way I can report this or NcSoft won't do anything about it. I do use Razer products and the issues was resolved with services being checked on within msconfig.
  4. Most profitable gathering crafts ?

    Green thumbs, Tree Fellers, Merry Potter and Soul warden for easy profit. Prices fluctuate over time due to market's supply and demand.
  5. Competing with other players for mobs

    It doesn't always hurt to invite other players within an area to do quest or daillies. It helps speed up the process. Sometimes players won't accept cause they prefer soloing...
  6. What is the best Soul Shield setup for PvE atm?

    Wow, thats pretty good, I been wanting to get more crit. Is that set better then full Poh24 soul shields? Is there any requirement for fusing soul shields?