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  1. Server Maintenance again?

    Some servers are going under maintenance, and some aren't.
  2. DPS Meter Request

    I have to hold back my dps on my FM, or I end up the new tank. I bet the melee has fun chasing around a boss while I kite it.
  3. Maintenance?

    Well if you guys got rolled back, I hope I didnt just lose a bunch of gold. Bought some stuff, and if the stuff is gone my gold better be there.
  4. Maintenance?

    I am on Jiwan too. I alt tabbed for a few minutes, and when I tabbed again to do my daily dash, the game was off, and server is under maintenance. FeelsBadMan
  5. Ok, im done with this game

    Cant pvp? go buy a new uniform for like 5 silver off the vendor.
  6. Spam

    I started to clear my list, but spammers I blocked on day 1 are still there.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    One thing is for sure, if this isn't fixed in the next day or so, I will NOT be renewing my premium.
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I had to turn off faction chat. I got sick of spending all my time blocking them, only to fill up in less than 5 minutes. It really pisses me off, but I don't see how you can fix it, other than not let people below level 30 talk in faction chat or something. That way, once they are blocked it will take them awhile longer to get a new one into the chat. I have had region chat turned off since the first day of release within 5 minutes.
  9. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    I do find it funny when people confuse Spanish speakers with BR. I had some retard insult me in Spanish, and then go huehuehue BR#1.

    I watched it already during the queue times before i became premium. It was ok, not the best, but not the worst I have seen.

    A friend linked this to me, to describe the feeling when servers are down;
  12. Server down or crashed ?

    Sigh, my game was running like shit, so I restarted my PC, and now cant even get on, lol. Enter pin, and sit here.
  13. 190mins wait to play?

    Yeah, I am still in queue, and popped into it at 1pm. Apparently I still have 20 people in front of me, and at one point it said two minutes. Then a bunch of people bought premium, and that was 5 hours ago.
  14. I've been in queue for 9 hours now myself. At one point it said 2 minutes, and then a bunch of people bought premium. That was 4 hours ago