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  1. Ohh nice soulstone farm, can u screenshot your gear? Cuz if you can farm this under 1 hour i delete now the game. I have raven 9 with aw soul and maxed bt accessories but whales camping ssp all time (aransu gunner, etc) so i can get usually 200 soulstone per hour max... So if you have some trick or practice dont be shy just show me pls

  2. 2 hours ago, nonistaicho said:

    look, somebody is actually happy with this event, good for you. if you have any advice for noobs like me who can't finish this even after trying for 3hours, i'd love to hear some ;)

    Yea, its not really hard just need a good teamcomp, and not braindead ppl. Most whale just wanna faceroll it and ofc they die instant. Learn the basic mech from poh and try to find party with bb or sb and grab its important, better if you find bd like me, cause when add coming we just grab it and make them sleep. Advice for poh: Lever its working just need to wait the last 2-3 sec before ice coming. Usually i pull it after the 3. Grenade. If you do mech, and have a grab you can kill it easy, but you need a team for it... Whales are bad i said they didnt know anything just faceroll like an idiots. Ap and gear doesnt matter. Try to find old players cause its an old school event. If everyone know the mech you can clear it under 15 min. 

  3. I did it 7 times, 3 time i take a chest, not too worth, 3x10g. After i take 1 sts and 1 evolve stone, worth cause you can take only for 2.5g. After i got luck 2 times, i choised from 10 evo stone, 5 gem powder or 50ms crystal. (i taked the powder for 25g) In the last run i taked 10 high q. Fabric. And ofc i got some battleground ss from chests. I really like that event, so tommorrow i wanna go more than  10 time. :) 

  4. Greetings,


    We need some Soul Fighter for 1 and 2. raid!


    Requirements are:

    - Raven weapon + accesories from skybreak spire (not problem if not maxed).

    - Exp is not neccesary, we learning together.

    - Be accurate, don't late if you say "yes"


    If you are interested leave a message so we can go through the details.