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  1. http://www.twitch.tv/zer0katana Gold in 1v1 and 3v3 but want to aim higher. Criticism would be nice
  2. 3v3 AFKERS

    This plagues anybody under gold, especially if you've not started PVP until now or you're trying to rank up an alt, and if you win, you just keep the bot within that rating, if you lose (high chance, 2v3), you lose rating and stay with the bots. It's a terrible system.
  3. 3v3 AFKERS

    And it's stupid because it auto-readies them pre-match over time. Ugh this needs to be fixed so badly. I've encountered more AFKers than I did non-afkers in arena.
  4. 3v3 AFKERS

    No, but the quantity doesn't matter. Just afk and make losing beans over time and gold in 1v1 still allows you to buy the 30 ss pouch.
  5. 3v3 AFKERS

    Because you can get gold in 1v1 then afk in 3v3 and still get rewarded.
  6. 3v3 AFKERS

    Because you can get gold in 1v1 then afk in 3v3 and still get rewarded.
  7. 3v3 AFKERS

    Went through 5 pages of threads and didn't find one about people AFKing in 3v3 for the losing Zen Bean reward. Can we please get some kind of system to report them as AFK and prevent them from entering the Arena for a period of time? Either that, or make the bean reward for a loss to 0. This type of problem shouldn't exist in this day and age.
  8. Bloodshade Harbor bosses glitched

    Whenever a boss spams one move, it means he is enraged. It is not a glitch. You have a certain time to kill a boss before it enrages. It is working as it is supposed to. by the way, the boss pounding the ground gets significantly easier. You only have to switch between Q and SS and you will never get hit.
  9. Please add a 2 second lock-out per bid

    Sounds more like you are impatient. How about we fix the problem with players taking advantage over other players and have you be patient instead? "Oh no! loot "might" take longer with this new 2sec timer!" "Let's keep the current broken system where players can take advantage of eachother because I "might" have to wait a little longer!" Do you know how wrong you are?
  10. Please add a 2 second lock-out per bid

    No, out of 5 people, if one person bids high, it will make all the lower bidders re-think their bid. This new timer will just encourage people to bid on the price that they believe it is worth, not 1copper each. Everyone will either pass, or in case of something like Poharan perfume where everybody bids, nobody is going to bid 2 copper after the 1copper bid. in fact, this accelerates the bidding time.
  11. Please add a 2 second lock-out per bid

    You obviously didn't even read any of this thread
  12. Highest Crit You've Made

    10,000-11,500 on blade master (3rd consecutive flash step, lightning draw when stun/daze, and 5th hit 5-point strike) 6,600 on Assassin (airborne land mine)
  13. Please add a 2 second lock-out per bid

    Did you look at the post just a few above yours? They are defending this because they do it themselves. They say it's a stupid problem because they WANT to be able to scam other people. They don't want the system to change, even though it is clearly broken.
  14. Please add a 2 second lock-out per bid

    People up the price to a gold then LEAVE the dungeon when they didn't catch anybody bidding after them, trying to take advantage of the other players. They aren't "running ahead" because they need the item. They do it to trick other players. The fact that this idea is even possible, indicates something is wrong. This can be fixed with a simple 2 second timer after a bid. (And will make people not spam their 1 copper bid and actually manually bid if they need it) The system itself is still bad. Random people can bid on a class-specific item that they don't need to make more money from the guy who actually needs it. This also needs to change.
  15. Please add a 2 second lock-out per bid

    " I've fake bid before, it's an easy and fast way to make some extra money " -Praipus I see why you are defending it now, douche. YOU are what makes the community bad. YOU are the one who takes advantage of other players and want to continue to do so, so you come to MY post to defend this terrible bidding system. You are disgusting.