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  1. Just now, Kappa11 said:

    And after all it's Russian speaking server and 99% of Georgia's upcomming gamer's dont know any word in russian, neither it is taught in schools or is needed to pass Overall exams, +It's in Europe and almsot part of Europe union,there is nothing else to be said.

    Well, no matter what I will say , they will not do anything because they are just ignorant people who don't care about minority and all they have on their mind is money, thanks for attention anyway.


    Just now, WookieeMario said:



    As of now NCsoft has an Partnership with Innova. Question here, why do you want to play on EU servers? Since you would get higher chance of lag issues here than with Innova. 

    what you have just said makes no sense, our IP is much more improved on Europe region then on russian one, look there are many games I played like "Dragon Nest" and etc , that i had much better ping on Europe Region then Russian one.

  3. Just now, WookieeMario said:

    As you also should know it is not as simple as opening up an "port" Contracts still haft to be signed. If Georgia just soon becomming EU that still means there is months if not a few years of paperwork to be done until companies can do somethng.


    And as a NCsoft staff said to you:




    The European Union has no bearing on the way regions have been allocated in the Innova partnership.



    Well if you are that stupid to not place Georgia in Europe region than it's not Europe Union's fault ofcourse :)

  4. Hello once again, i want to submit this post again, i am once again saying Georgia is officialy part of Europe so why is it not In european region. If you know anything about politics Georgia now has been approved as upcomming part of Europe Union, in nearest future we will be able to travel into any European country without visa, Is that not enough said to let Georgian people play on european region? I see it as complete stupidity to let Turkey be in european region when 90 % of its teritorry is included in Asian continent, how i see it is that you are  not considering anything this to remove our Georgian minority of gamers away from Europe just for your profit without considering how hard it will be for georgian players to co-operate with russian-speaking players. Do you not understand taht every country you have listed in the inova post has Russian taught in schools, aswell as it being their secondary language, unlike to Georgia , in Georgia pupils are taught English as secondary language and it will be really hard for them to be in a Russian- speaking server. I really want you to consider my words and Unban Georgian IP's from not being aple to play and enjoy themselves in Europian region where they belong to. And with all my respect only minority of you know any information about Georgia, about it's politics, etc. I literally beg you to do something about it and not let Georgian players forget about this game... Take care everyone.

  5. Just now, Epsynus said:

    "Georgia is a country in Eurasia, located on the crossroads of Eastern Europe and West Asia."

    So yes you are in Eurasia.


    Secondly. You're not part of the European Union (http://europa.eu/about-eu/countries/index_en.htm)


    Thirdly. The reason according to NCSoft themselves is because they have a deal with the Russian publisher ( Innova) to publish the game for certain countries such as Georgia. This won't change.

    So will georgian players be able to play on Eu server after it will be approved as Europe union member?

  6. Hello everyone , im posting this to know and get an answer, why is Georgia included in Russian region or w/e it is, if turkey isn't there then why is Georgia? Georgia is in Europe, if you think its in eurasia i can tell you that Georgia is part of  europe union, after all in georgia's school it's taught secondary language as English, most of georgians dont know russian and for them it will be hard to deal with Russian speaking community, Please consider this and help us out, Georgia has no place in Russian server!