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  1. I've given up on this game. it looked cool but the dev team just doesn't care and neither do I anymore. I can't expect much from a free to play game even if its 6 years old and they can't even have it working.
  2. the same problem i have and my pc isnt a low-end pc aswell.
  3. So the game got patched today and i had high hopes for this since it could possibily solve the problem but it didnt. After this patch i still have the same problem and i dont think the dev team is even aware of this situation. if anyone knows a way to give this post a bit more attention it would be great since it is really annoying having to restart my pc everytime it happens.
  4. Feels bad when they dont even care enough to reply to a single comment. you guys have a fantastic team i must say. For a free to play game i wasnt expecting much anyways.
  5. I don't own any razor stuff so that is not the problem in this situation. I'm glad and sorry to hear that im not the only one with this problem hopefully this post can get some attention and they can look deep into the problem. I'll try to play once a day always repairing the files before trying to see if everything is working just fine.
  6. So i start the game everything seems good im playing im having fun, then, my screen just goes all black/white/green/yellow etc. just a screen with a random color. I've tried repairing files doesn't work. I don't understand what is happening since i play like 5 min then crash, sometimes more but always ends up crashing my pc. My keyboard dies while the screen is all black and the only way i have to solve this is by turning it off on the power button. This literally only happens with this game and i just dont understand why. Please if you know what is causing this
  7. I did everything and it didnt work. im like 5 min into the game and the game crashes my computer i either get a white screen or a black screen after that i cant do anything and i have to turn the power off and on. this is really sad because i really wanted to play :/
  8. im just going to wait for you guys to fix it. Everytime the game crashes it also crashes my pc so i cant even access my task manager, i have to turn it off and on again. i dont own any razor stuff but my pc is asus and so is my keyboard. Please fix this asap.
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