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  1. the same problem i have and my pc isnt a low-end pc aswell.
  2. Feels bad when they dont even care enough to reply to a single comment. you guys have a fantastic team i must say. For a free to play game i wasnt expecting much anyways.
  3. I did everything and it didnt work. im like 5 min into the game and the game crashes my computer i either get a white screen or a black screen after that i cant do anything and i have to turn the power off and on. this is really sad because i really wanted to play :/
  4. im just going to wait for you guys to fix it. Everytime the game crashes it also crashes my pc so i cant even access my task manager, i have to turn it off and on again. i dont own any razor stuff but my pc is asus and so is my keyboard. Please fix this asap.
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