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  1. Someone still plays this game...?

    they r all bots
  2. Gem Hammer

    1 gem for blight weapon .. more lvl = more gems
  3. great graphics, horrible npcs
  4. i hope we dont get banned, cuz i play at work when my boss isnt around, and we dont have fix ip, so every time i login i need to re-enter the code
  5. Nice solution for spam!!

    oh.. guild chat off too.. nice.. i bet like 3+ hours for "emergency maintence"
  6. Nice solution for spam!!

    So the new "Additional spam preventative measures implemented" was to remove faction and zone chats?
  7. Wardrobe Can't Be Opened

    same thing here
  8. Jogadores Br

    q server?
  9. Why only 40 daily quest?

    with the amount of daily quest to do at the moonwater zone plus the faction ones a limit of 40 its a bit to low it should be increased if not make it unlimited.
  10. can I play this game?

    yes u can. I play at work w/o any video cards. Blade and soul has a option for low-performance pcs
  11. sry.. forget about the forum... dont need it anymore... server hidden is a better idea
  12. its more then 1 week w/o any forum