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  1. BT Nerfed

    Stages 1-3 are the same. Raven is busted. Adds on 80% and 30% but on 30% soul separation adds stack debuff way faster(twice as fast) rendering raven pretty much impossible if your party cant burst down top add/whole 30% phase really fast. Pizza aoe fills slower too I guess
  2. Baleful 10 vs Seraph 10 vs riftwalk 1

    8MSP vs 8BT for shadow sweet baby jesus
  3. Mystic Badge

    Pulse Mystic Badge. It's so good. Pre-patch I was doing 35k w/ no buffs, now it's 55k-57k. Thanks mr patch
  4. Im happy that I can play with friends, yes but grateful? Nobody cares about my gratitude, they want me to be reliable not grateful.
  5. I'm from group 3 too and I'm also destroyer. Believe it or not I also have BT team, it's a mix of 4 different guilds. We are able to clear 1st and 2nd boss, recently started practicing generals. Black tower is end game content that requires solid offensive/defensive stats and commitment so not everyone can run it. If you wanna start raiding: a)join static pug b)organize it yourself Nobody gonna come up to you and say 'hey buddy, we already cleared 1-4 bt wanna join us?'. You have to do this the hard way like everyone else wipe 1k times, learn mechs, cooperate with others and then succeed. If you are not up to par forget about raiding and continue upgrading.
  6. Ring resetted to stage 7 ?!?

    I had ring stage 6 now its stage 5 pre-breakthru, thanks
  7. LF> Updated Destroyer Build?

    You can use primal force badge and spec smash stage 1 instead of execute. I'm using it myself, it is more convinient for me and works great with skill resets. Smash doesn't require willpower and is instantaneous which really helps. Primal force badge gives you more options imo, you can always switch to ani cancel for pvp/toi and it still works nicely.
  8. KFM/Destroyer/Summoner

    Destroyer is fine, people here just love to hate/whine. Sure this class could use some tweaks, almost everyone could if you compare to currently really strong bm. If you enjoy destros playstyle go for it. Dancers similarity ends on "both can spin and restrain".
  9. Sure destro could use some small buffs but it's not as bad as you claim to be. I'm doing just fine eventho I'm shadow destroyer, build that everyone loves to hate. If you are getting so frustrated just take a break since obviously you are not enjoying yourself being here playing bns.
  10. PVE Build since patch?

    I'm also using shadow build with heavy focus on wrath, it's pretty fun. Currently at 683 ap w/ baleful weap I was able to solo yeti. On mushin's F13 I'm able to clock around 17-20k dps. instead of execute I use smash 1 with a badge.