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  1. its...just a dungeon. no flippin way.
  2. yep the player base shrunk so much we went from having to wait half a day to log in when there were 8 maxed out servers. down to 2 half full servers. lots of stuff changed. whether its worth it to come back is up to you. everyone has their own opinions.
  3. the way I dealt with it is at the end of the day. I used all my other charms first, then used the 20hr charm last. then come 20hrs later the next day I repeat. TBH tho, you don't really need exp charms unless youre going to level up. what I mean is you don't need to use the normal charms if you don't have enough to level up. you can just let them sit there til youre done using the 20hr ones.
  4. 100% like cmon NC change the outfits and take my money.
  5. when ever us Sins do our jump stun (3,) our camera gets zoomed all, ALL. ALLLLLLLLLL! the way in. then we have to manually zoom back out.
  6. its a simple thing. at the bottom there should be a chest looking thing ( not the received items ) some items went into the "excess invitory" you cant open anything until you collect the stuff from there.
  7. I wish they would fix the tooltip already... its been years
  8. wait in line for like 2 spins then change outfits and ult the whole line. change channels and repeat xD.
  9. I usually just right click the bottom while pressing Y. I'm really good at this cause I'm a sin. rmb 4 rmb 4 rmb 4 rmb 4 rmb 4 rmb 4 rmb 4 rmb 4 rmb 4 rmb 4
  10. moar eye colors :V I want orange eyes like Darlang (cold storage daily)
  11. I love it when BMs KFMs WLs spam block and sometims sins summoners and FMs . I get to walk up them and right click for a free stun.
  12. maybe you could join a clan so you don't have to deal with those people. its much more fun with friends. .
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