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  1. Incase you didn't notice matey, slowly but surely your kind is becomming a minority. Meh ... whatever just keep plugging your ears and chant your white knight mantra all will be fine.
  2. Game just became p2w ggwp NCSOFT

    True i was one of them with giving them a monthly sub + extra vanity that i bought in the CS. I will stop that now however and see what happens. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
  3. Game just became p2w ggwp NCSOFT

    yup true that. Still i feel like an absolute tool now for believing them when they said "we are not going to make it pay to win". As things are looking now they might aswell add the legendaries and be done with it. I mean you go either full f2p with p2w or full f2p with vanity, but this 50/50 bs while claiming it's "not pay to win" is simply aggravating.
  4. Game just became p2w ggwp NCSOFT

    Well lets put it like this. I make a game right ? In this game you need to have an apple to progress. You can either farm the apple (f2p) in like 60 years of your life OR i would sell the apple in the cashshop so you would avoid the 60 year grind. Then after that you need a melon. Guess what you can farm it in another 60 years (dead most likely) or you can buy it straight from the cashshop. Now this is ofcourse exaggerated, but very similiar to our current event. I would say depending on the time needed to actually get something done vs what they sell is what dictates if it's pay to win or not. Sadly in my personal oppinion this event is pay to win, something they where against. I feel i have been lied to and seeying how people respond more feel that way. TL:DR this is p2w and i will simply stop investing money in the game, not resub and drop PVE as a whole, since it has no worth anymore. I hate P2W with a passion.
  5. Spintaslash

    Alright thanks for the tip will check them.
  6. Spintaslash

    Ok so whats up with dancers ? I have tried all sorts of approach on these guys with a KFM and assassin, but they drive me nuts. If you attack they are immune and can counter, if you go on the defensive you get pentaslashed. With the KFM i could dodge it with Q and E with immense fast reaction time, but with my assa i have no means of defence against it outside of C which has high CD and seems to have a slower activation then the Q and E on the KFM. Not to forget you only have another 0,000001 sec window to use F and else you get knocked up with to way to get out. I do seriously hope we will get air escapes at one point in the game. In short how to deal with dancers ? Since they are starting to drive me nuts. Even if i KNOW what they are gonna do i simply can't react in time 90% of the time. Hell don't even get me started on the ones that know what they are doing ....
  7. I Fcked up! Q_Q

    Try sending a ticket mate you never know if support might show mercy.
  8. To make sure your girlfriend doesn't delete your char, since she is pissed off at you for playing the game so much...
  9. Namsoyoo and junghado vote.
  10. People against Warlocks

    I know what part of the community you're a part of though, but i wouldn't want to get another forum vacation so i'll pass for now. Any takers for this trap ?
  11. People against Warlocks

    To be honest matey i have lvled mine to 45 now and gave up on upgrading my weapon for now. It already dropped a few times, but i get outbid everytime by people that are not even the right class. It's like "oooooh i can make 1 copper, but have to screw over a fellow human ... done". They don't care simple as that. I'm at the point that i actually expect everyone on my server to be a dickhead. That way i never get disappointed.
  12. Costumes to Look Forward To

    -1 it simply doesn't fit within the BnS world. There are more that don't fit (like the back to school outfit) so i'm in general against these kinds of outfits. Not talking about immersion though, since fighting in a stripper outfit on high heels is not really immersive aswell. Still femme fatal makes allot more sense then some sugercone outfit.
  13. Currently listening to this for some alt lvling ^_^ :
  14. Bidding is fine ... IF

    You guys either make ALL weapon epic (as in bind on pickup) or make classes that need the weapon roll first. Getting tiresome trying to run dokumo to only be outbid by every high lvl for my own weapon. I could buy it with my main, but seeying not everybody that gets there actually has another char at max lvl this is HIGHLY new player unfriendly (and utter BS since i'm there to farm it fair and square).
  15. so.... about them dungeon leechers.

    Technically i haven't ... yet. But i'll leave it to you to figured that one out yourself. I'm just gonna say things can be looked at in another daylight. Arn't you simply being very negative in your interpretation about my genuine questions ? Is all i'm leaving you with. Oh yeah and a genuine smile about this reaction Cap'tn merica.