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  1. I've read it before but now I experienced it myself. I bid on an item and suddenly someone raised it 2 gold. I won the item for 2 gold without the intent for bidding 2 gold; we all know how fast you click in the lower copper area. This person tried it again and put in 4 gold for the next item. Upon the danger of winning it for 4 gold, the person just left the dungeon. Everything as the devs of BnS designed, the person did not betray or trick me, even when there could be bad intentions stated. The mechanics of the bidding system does allow bidding and leaving the party to prevent buying an overpriced item. But here's my conclusion. Losing 2 gold dealt a heavy damage to my assets. I'm not gonna farm 2 more gold to upgrade my lvl 36 weapon despite being lvl 45. It took me a whole week to get 2 gold. The relation (losing gold in a bid):(farming gold to compensate) is far too high. As other MMO players, I've been playing an old MMO where I've accumulated enough gold to buy costumes once a month for 2 more years, including subscription for 2 years. I'm just not used to be poor. And I'm not gonna pour real money into BnS just to lose it in another bid.
  2. Do you know your eye color?

    Thanks so much guys!!!! It's pressing the wheel! I never use this option but that means there must be a keybind somewhere! Whooohoooo!!!!!
  3. Do you know your eye color?

    Middle mouse? Already tried that, this is my default for auto-walk. But doesn't work here with keybindings. Perhaps it's the MMO mouse not bound properly. thanks, i'll give it a try...
  4. We spent hours in character creation. BnS has one of the best character customizations. And what do we see 99.9% of our game time? The back! I don't know how you feel about this, but in other MMOs I can uncouple the camera from the character and turn the camera. Often this is necessary in PvP areas where you scan the environment for enemies but keep moving in the same direction. There are also other reasons, but mainly I am one of the players who turns the camera as often as possible on the face (!) of my character. While transportation, while walking/riding, when doing bank business/vault, trade broker, and so on. In BnS we only get the option to zoom in and then at one (!) certain point the camera unlocks and turns to the face. Even this unlock point is not defined and if you mess up, you have to zoom multiple times in and out. What good is this excellent character customization for if I don't see my character?
  5. Please explain me what the beta is for. Milking customers pre-release? So even IF this game is new to NA/EU, there is experience in handling servers, releases, patches/maintenances (other MMOs), having a test phase and so one. Working myself in the industrial sector I fairly know what happened; management decided to cut down on resources/hardware, personell and quality allocations. The staff, the people working for NCsoft may be good, but the outcome is quite bad.
  6. Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.

    Hello Mr. Fanboi, NCsoft is not some small start-up company in the MMO scene. In fact, they are running multiple other MMOs and have the experience. BnS is running since years on their asian servers. We are not talking about rocket science but something more common like cooking noodles. Imagine buying an expensive car from a well-know company. You'd expect it to work as the name stands for a certain degree of quality and the company itself is know to have very much experience with building cars in the past. I just dont understand how they could put up a patch without testing it. Come on, this is not some minor hidden failure but a absolute obvious one! They were working on the chat!
  7. Mäuschen Mäuschen, so nich xD

    Vielleicht ist manchen nicht so klar, dass die Sprache ein Teil des Verkaufsproduktes ist. Schliesslich lässt sich eine Tageszeitung/Journal mit lauter Rechtschreibfehler nicht verkaufen im Gegensatz zu einer Anleitung für ein Besteckset. Aus diesem Grund spiele ich BnS auf Englisch, da es erfahrungsgemäß meist nur koreanisch-englische Übersetzer gibt und aus dem Englischen ins Deutsche übersetzt wird. Mich würde mal interessieren: Brother Hajoon sagt den typischen Satz "Cricket! Read the letter!". Was haben die damit gemacht? "Kakerlake! Lese den Brief!"
  8. As soon as you get a job you will get to know the work model nowadays. It's called flexitime and as employee, you are allowed to shift your work time as you like as long as you get your stuff done. Not even talking about trusted flexitime. Oh, and I have over 3 weeks of overhour, that's why my company wishes me to cut fridays to half a day which is much better for them than me taking 3 weeks vacation.
  9. installing do D drive

    My game is installed on D: ....? I could chosse during installation
  10. PC Gamer's review of BnS. Anti Asian Bias?

    Quite the bad review, regarding quality. From a review I expect a neutral point of view, a professional judgement of target points in comparison with other MMOs, a summary and so on. Putting in the reviewers' own opinion ("I want to play a badass and not see bouncing boobs") does not belong into a good review in this form. A reviewer leaves it to the customer to decide on his own what to play and not put prejudice in a review. Not worth reading. Back in my times, PC gamer was a respectable gamers magazine. Times surely have changed.
  11. I guess we are all experienced MMO players and as BnS is IP region blocked, we have a day and night cycle (unlike international servers). This means that if you e.g. gather at local night time, set up a route, watch respawn times, etc. you will get your stuff. Nevertheless gathering in BnS is a hassle as during normal game times and you won't get anything. - nodes are exactly on questing areas - very few nodes compared to other MMOs - nodes are marked on minimap
  12. Tomb of Exiles Difficult

    Haha, I didn't even know that this is a Boss. I didn't see any raise in difficulty, but conicidentally I'm waiting until everyone jumped in and I'm picking the adds who are left over. Of course if all 6 players concentrate on the named NPC only you get killed by the adds at some point.
  13. Did we mention the poor translation? E.g. every day the system message tells me that I cant spin anymore - but the real message is that my 2nd spin now is ready for use. The same goes for a lot of skills (too many to list here). Also even with main characters there are name inconsistencies (Yehara <-> Lady Ye Haraga?).
  14. We should keep in mind that BnS is completely new to us and we all played Tera for years now. Of course a new game is way more fun. But I think we all agree that BnS is a brilliant single player game with chatroom. Dungeons are non-existant, some dungeons are faster done than typing "Hi". If someone greets at all. It feels more like running with NPCs. No one-shot mechanics, no evasive actions needed, no finesse. Just braindead facerolling hack'n'slash. This is where I like the trinity of Tera way more. Even as DPS in Tera you have to evade/iframe, cater to adds (spore running), get out of danger zones (no swimming at Kalivans), get your healing (pick motes and/or dont run from the healer), position yourself (BnS has no backcrit), etc. BnS has the best story, graphics (e.g. character creation) I've experienced so far. I really like it but I fear hitting lvl 45. There's nothing there apparently. I'm not the duel type but rather the CS/Kumasylum/alliance/group PvP type. Most important point to me is the publisher. Like in Tera, a publisher can make (EME/NA Tera) or break (Gameforge/EU Tera) the game. I see a lot of points where NCsoft is already drifting into breaking the excellent game. None of us is forced to play one MMO only, it's absolutely ok to play both. And of course right now I like BnS more; it's new, and all. But as soon as I hit lvl 45, I doubt I will stay at BnS. Perhaps try leveling another class, but in the long run, I don't see benefits yet. To me, it's especially because in every MMO I play a healing class. I need coordinated team gameplay and not everyone DPS some random target as hard as can.
  15. If you have ping problems, the first thing you do is run a trace route. With this you can see if the problem is on your side, your ISP, the carrier or NCsoft. Just sending a ping doesn't show any details.