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  1. Playerbase

    How is the playerbase in BNS ? does the game have high playerbase ?
  2. EU Playerbase

    I would like to know how is population on EU English server Is it still very high and active ? I only focusing on PVE and dont like PVP so is the ping good for pve ? or its unplayable ?
  3. Playerbase

    Hi everyone I left BnS for very long time and though of returning back. I just want how big is the playerbase atm. High - Medium - low ? Can everyone share there experience with their server group ?
  4. Taiwan server

    Hi everyone I have some questions about the Taiwan server for BnS. I want to know how is the server optimization there ? is it better than EU/NA ? Is BnS Taiwan successful and have huge population compared to EU/NA ? I am thinking of playing on Taiwan server since i see many complains here in EU/NA servers and i dont know how much is population now compared to launch.
  5. QuickNap [Crimson] PvP/PvE

    Hi I would like to join your clan. I am on crimson legion and i have 2 characters, lvl 45 assasin "Sokiking" and lvl 30 KFM " Six Packs". I have also friend called Asuna Jun who would like to join as well.
  6. [EN] White Phantoms

    Forgot to mention server name Playing in EU Wild Spring server ( Crimson Legion Faction )
  7. [EN] White Phantoms

    We are new clan formed on launch day. We dont have many clan members at the moment and looking for more players to join. Feel free to talk to me in game on my character Sokiking or Six Packs if u like to join.
  8. [EN] [White Phantoms]

    New friendly clan recruiting people. whisper me in game or post ur character name in here on this forum for invitation. Character name: Sokiking
  9. International or Middle East Server

    u can come join Wild Spring server i am from middle east and i have few friends who will also join from middle east. Feel free to PM me in game if u like to join my clan. My character name Sokiking