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  1. 1 hour ago, Ooneka said:


    It is not a bug, it is intended :) our team made this change to avoid that names overlap. Now it is clearer and you still can see the names appearing in the tooltips and the list view.


    Best regards,

    Team Blade and Soul.

    Thanks for replying.

    Didn't really like the change. :/

  2. 6 minutes ago, OneYouHate said:

    Ehhh, well hopefully someday your game style will evolve to the point you understand how and why you should use your full toolkit- skills,potions etc.- If nothing else  maybe you might achieve some kind of enlightenment as to why positioning during a fight and potions such is invincibility ones are there to fill in the gaps of your evade and i-frames. It is all about knowledge of the fight and how you utilize the tools given. My blade Master will not even take damage during the fight 8/10 kills, Once you learn to read the boss's telegraphs and understand what he is going to do before it even happens, it simply  becomes   just another quick fight.

      Good Luck and Have fun 

    I know about that. And I understand what you are trying to say. Thanks for that.

    But... I want to fully use my skills, not relying on anything else.

    Like I said a lot of times: Hae Mujin is an example, but sometime I could need what I was asking here (I learned about a 1sec iframe at Repulse thanks to coming here and posting this!).


    That doesn't mean I won't change my playstyle.


    6 minutes ago, Meiling said:

    Your for sure solution to hae as a range is go to the very side of the box and just avoid the aoes. His roar thing idk wtf to call it lol will never hit you there so that's the only thing you need to worry about. As for mane. To be honest, I never have issues with that but that's really only because the group I run with actually CC's him when he does that aoe lol so I never have to worry about it. Maybe once or twice every now and then but we usually have it down. But yeha, you don't need anymore iframes just position yourself well enough and you'll never have to worry about that fight. Even if you're laggy, it's way easier and the aoes take awhile to even go off and you don't really lose out on dps by just moving over a tad bit to avoid it.


    Hae Mujin and Blood Mane are examples.

    Of course I'll adapt my playstyle with what's available to me.

    But, like I said to OneYouHate, if I was missing some way to avoid red AoEs I would be a really bad WL player, not because of Hae Mujin or Blood Mane, but because maybe I'll need that knowledge sometime (be it at PvP, fighting a new boss, etc).



    But thanks for the response guys.

    I hope I haven't offended anyone.

  3. 15 minutes ago, OneYouHate said:

    yeah, basically you're missing the entire point. Warlock's i-frame skills are when mistakes get made and you need to bail your self out of a tight spot. If you're pressing Z instead of 4 then you're not even doing damage. 


    If potions are available for a boss fight and you're not using them, then you're  contributing even less. I hope you understand. Using those potions with "your high ping" would seem an essential and necessary aspect of the fight, especially in the final seconds, when the AOEs become fast and random.  


    Another example could be Blood mane enrage. As fast as Hae Mujin but without open spots. (I'm not saying to let it enrage)

    Z casts instantly so I can still press 4 or RMB.

    I don't need to use potions if I have everything to counter it. I was playing an assassin before (Q,SS,C,V iframes), so I hadn't had to worry about finding an open spot (less concentration to hit = less DPS [worse to melees, because you cant hit at all]).


    12 minutes ago, Meiling said:

    Also want to say this. As of now, range has the easiest time in dungeons, being able to avoid at least half of bosses mechanics just by being range lol. If you're just there to dps and nothing else, you could be watching a show and focus more on the show than the game and still be fine.


    Every class has a role and I know really well about how hard is to melee classes. My main is an assassin and I know how it is (especially with BW).

    I did this thread to see if there's any option left, because Hae Mujin is really easy with my Sin (Q, SS, C, V -> more than perfect amount of iframes to keep hitting him without worries about where to run to not get hit).

    Random talk: I know it's really easy to range classes, that's why I created the WL, BW is really annoying with my Sin (have to avoid a lot of hits to get a normal box, while FMs get Brilliant at range...)

  4. 9 minutes ago, Nneil said:

    Just got the idea:

    Its not the best solution but with a bit luck its working (also dont know the cd's at these skills)

    You can Summon your Demon at another place like the other side of the area and if the AE is on you, you can switch position with it. Or if you're realy high skilled and the demon is also in an AE uyou can try him to get to mujin by pressing q and than switch xD about a tgird ifrime i poorly dont know

    Switching is only available with knockdown, stun, or daze.

    But thanks. It would be nice if it was like Assassins' Lotus. =P


    9 minutes ago, OneYouHate said:

    yes, i can read, stock invincibility potions in your inventory or hot bar if you find actually maintaining proper positioning to labor intensive for your present playstyle. 

    I don't like relying on potions and Hae Mujin was an example.

    I know there is open spots to his attacks (almost everytime), but I like training skills which requires timing to use (because I'm not from NA and I need to time when I need to press the button before I take the hit... I don't know if you get it...).


    4 minutes ago, SereneGrace said:

    If you don't have lag, you can spec repulse (the 36s cooldown one) and it gives you 1s resist.
    But practically you shouldn't get hit by it all 3 times as a range character if you stay near the edge of the arena. If you panic you can still use C to reduce damage/resist daze if you spec'd that too.

    That's an option. A really hard one but still possible.

    And probably the only option available to what I was asking.


  5. I would like to know if there's another iframe (resist dmg and status effects) at warlock skills.

    Now I know about 2: Z (5sec 5x iframe) and SS (animation iframe).


    Why do I ask? When Hae Mujin start his AoE, I need to iframe those... what I normally do:

    - Z (resist 1 wave) [36secs cd]

    - SS (resist 1 more) [9secs cd]

    - ??? Well.. I'm screwed (take hit and cry)


    I would really appreciate if someone knows about another way to resist it (judge like I don't have any way of getting out of the red circle).

    And, if it isn't possible, suggest to maybe add a new Tier to SS with reduced cooldown (6 secs should be fine?).

  6. I don't know what you are using but today, when I was trying to do BSH 6-players, I met 2 guys:

    1- Using Lycan soul shield (lvl 36, worse than Infernal soul shield).

    2- Using Awakened Infernal.


    Now you see why you need to gear up to do harder dungeons.

    These guys can say "but I did it with some other guys" but they WON'T help anyway, they are just being carried.

    Why I should try hard because someone doesn't want to get some good equipment before doing it?


    It's not hard to get Poh's/Arena soulshield and a Awakened Profane... (at least)

  7. 1 hour ago, BestCatGirl said:

    Goes untergetable and throws poison shit that deals 8k damage per tick for like 10 or more secs (forgot to check), has an aoe attack that took me down from 39097hp to 711 hp and if that wasn't enough he also somehow healed back from 1.3mil hp back to 1.9mil when there were still people alive. 




    Also wtf am i suppossed to do with those guns on the ground? shoot the little green things? it only targets the boss so wtf are they for?

    Don't press LMB to shoot the eggs, press 1.


    5 minutes ago, BestCatGirl said:

    just got it now and it does wonders. 


    for those who don't know siren belt gives you immunity to the cunts red aoe

    Wow! That explains why nothing happened after that big Red AoE!

    I was like: wtf??

  8. 6 minutes ago, Mischka said:

    Nah its a good one. Just keep in mind to check the options. He was right with read the rules, just leave when you dont like the rules the leader choosed. In clans & friends gaming its sometimes a very good one, to prevent trolls. Leaders should just be ppl you trust. In Random dungeons its just bad luck man. FeelsBadMan.


    The problem is he only changed when we were killing the last boss (which gives the better loot).

    And it's not just "bad luck", it's becoming more frequent.


    About the rules, I read a NCSoft admin post that said they were going to take action and we should report these guys.

    I'm just trying to show it's REALLY happening and probably a lot of other people are going to suffer from it.

  9. Happened to me 2 times now.

    How can I farm any loot if a random guy gets the leader and changes to master loot when we are killing the last boss?




    And the best part was




    He said I had to read the rules! Just WTH?!

    Like he was doing nothing wrong!?


    The first time it happened I said to myself: It just a random troll, it won't happen again, I'll just do it again.

    And it happened AGAIN.


    I think this is going to only get worse.


    PS: Do I need to hide the name?

    PS2: At least he didn't get the tears, another guy got it. And I got mine... if you what I mean :/

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