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  1. Thanks for replying. Didn't really like the change. :/
  2. After the update it just disappeared. Tried closing and opening the game AND repairing the game at the start. Is it something I miss clicked or a bug?
  3. Saw one summoner yesterday that was doing the same thing, but I could win (2x1). As a warlock, just root him and spam Dragon Helix. He can still be killed, just resist like 75% of the skills.
  4. Same here.. that f***ing swordsmans with 500k hp at bog resetting with 8k omg
  5. I know about that. And I understand what you are trying to say. Thanks for that. But... I want to fully use my skills, not relying on anything else. Like I said a lot of times: Hae Mujin is an example, but sometime I could need what I was asking here (I learned about a 1sec iframe at Repulse thanks to coming here and posting this!). That doesn't mean I won't change my playstyle. Hae Mujin and Blood Mane are examples. Of course I'll adapt my playstyle with what's available to me. But, like I said to OneYouHate, if I was missing some way to a
  6. Another example could be Blood mane enrage. As fast as Hae Mujin but without open spots. (I'm not saying to let it enrage) Z casts instantly so I can still press 4 or RMB. I don't need to use potions if I have everything to counter it. I was playing an assassin before (Q,SS,C,V iframes), so I hadn't had to worry about finding an open spot (less concentration to hit = less DPS [worse to melees, because you cant hit at all]). Every class has a role and I know really well about how hard is to melee classes. My main is an assassin and I know how it is (especially wi
  7. Switching is only available with knockdown, stun, or daze. But thanks. It would be nice if it was like Assassins' Lotus. =P I don't like relying on potions and Hae Mujin was an example. I know there is open spots to his attacks (almost everytime), but I like training skills which requires timing to use (because I'm not from NA and I need to time when I need to press the button before I take the hit... I don't know if you get it...). That's an option. A really hard one but still possible. And probably the only option available to what I was asking.
  8. Do you actually read what I wrote?
  9. I would like to know if there's another iframe (resist dmg and status effects) at warlock skills. Now I know about 2: Z (5sec 5x iframe) and SS (animation iframe). Why do I ask? When Hae Mujin start his AoE, I need to iframe those... what I normally do: - Z (resist 1 wave) [36secs cd] - SS (resist 1 more) [9secs cd] - ??? Well.. I'm screwed (take hit and cry) I would really appreciate if someone knows about another way to resist it (judge like I don't have any way of getting out of the red circle). And, if it isn't possible, suggest to maybe add
  10. Ha! Did you thought I was really telling the truth? Well, they need to upgrade their weapons to afk at the high level dungeons, don't they? :D
  11. I'm having the same issue. Never happened before (at least not this much). :/
  12. If you think that's slow, you should see me with 200ms. lol (yesterday I killed him with 400ms xD)
  13. I don't know what you are using but today, when I was trying to do BSH 6-players, I met 2 guys: 1- Using Lycan soul shield (lvl 36, worse than Infernal soul shield). 2- Using Awakened Infernal. Now you see why you need to gear up to do harder dungeons. These guys can say "but I did it with some other guys" but they WON'T help anyway, they are just being carried. Why I should try hard because someone doesn't want to get some good equipment before doing it? It's not hard to get Poh's/Arena soulshield and a Awakened Profane... (at least)
  14. Don't press LMB to shoot the eggs, press 1. Wow! That explains why nothing happened after that big Red AoE! I was like: wtf??
  15. The problem is he only changed when we were killing the last boss (which gives the better loot). And it's not just "bad luck", it's becoming more frequent. About the rules, I read a NCSoft admin post that said they were going to take action and we should report these guys. I'm just trying to show it's REALLY happening and probably a lot of other people are going to suffer from it.
  16. Happened to me 2 times now. How can I farm any loot if a random guy gets the leader and changes to master loot when we are killing the last boss? And the best part was He said I had to read the rules! Just WTH?! Like he was doing nothing wrong!? The first time it happened I said to myself: It just a random troll, it won't happen again, I'll just do it again. And it happened AGAIN. I think this is going to only get worse. PS: Do I need to hide the name? PS2: At least he didn't get the tea
  17. Can't confirm the letter after receiving it. Both characters are stuck at this point. Just impossible to play now.
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