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  1. I guess i should have mentioned I do not pvp, and its not a script, I have to hold the button or it stops. its literally just pressing each one one at a time in a pattern i created untill i release the button with my finger, and i have little choice, due to lupus i cant press buttons in rapid succession without terrible pain, >< thus why i emailed them and got permission
  2. o.o... i dont even ... my brain.. I was not being racist? erm.. ?> huh????
  3. I have to use a controller due to physical disability caused by illness, ( SLE) but the controls set up by default are complete arss so I disabled their controller detection and made my own controls using Pinnacle Game Profiler and my Xb360 controller. I have been using this setup since day one and even emailed them about it, they had no issues with it and im still playing. As you can see I have created profiles for all my mmos its never been an issue, but maybe something in Razer Synapse is setting off red flags? anyway I will let my razer run in the background and if anything happens I will keep you all informed!
  4. also chinese origin confirmed by dog meat festival
  5. I think the gold sellers are getting confused