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  1. Holy shit, you spoke the truth man. I hope those ppl who think they aren't affected see this post.
  2. Nobody complains the new system is bad, retarded. We are saying how bad NCsoft has lied to us as their customers. Just because it doesn't affect you, it doesn't mean the change is good for everyone. Having advertisement officially on both twitch and website, then creating this last minute change, it is a deception, and they should be sue for that. Your post in defending them is totally off topic. We don't complain the new system. We criticize their execution, in which they baited ppl to buy their radiant on f10 with Ncoins, and now they are taking it back.
  3. Is there any website to rate game publisher? We have rateourprofessor and doctor, we should have one site to rate games' publishers, so gamers can avoid them when playing? And if there is, I will give Ncsoft a 0 star.
  4. I wonder if NcSoft is even reading this thread? If you are: Have you ever seen any topic that went over 5 pages in under an hour? YOU should know by now how mad are your customers. YOU want profits, we as players and customers can understand. However, lying straight up to our faces aren't the ways. People trade Radiant for the hope of GEMS, and now you just screw them simply for your benefits. Your servers are already down to two servers, so there would be no surprise if the population shrink down to 1/2 after this really retarded changes. Your EULA is not always on your side F
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