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  1. Item Restoration

    I had an issue where I deleted an item and I put in a ticket for them to restore it. They did and now I screwed up again this time salvaging an Artisanal Moonwater Crit Soul Shield Primer. Do you think NCSoft will restore it? I know other mmos have policies on restoration of items, but when I looked for such a thing I could find nothing for Blade and Soul.
  2. Summoner Taunt Bug won't be fixed?

    Read the reddit thread in the first post on there. It is intended.
  3. I need to know if Summoner tank nerf was intentional.

    View the first post in that link.
  4. Tempting Seductress Exchange Ticket Drop Rates

    Been doing daily since 1st day of patch have both. Don't wear them because I got Temptress from 4 man.
  5. Solution to Ore Botting

    I wouldn't mind them being BoP. The fact of the matter is everyone says nothing is being done about them and have read elsewhere it is purposeful that no action is taken.
  6. Solution to Ore Botting

    NCSoft needs to query the ah and investigate those accounts selling high amounts of quartz or silicate. Ban appropriately. If you are flipping ore oh well. The good that will come of it will outweigh the bad. So tired of not being able to get nodes or camping a node to get the most out of my currency.
  7. Thank God someone else sees this as an issue. Dochun is a ghost town. 2 channels for Misty Woods. Highest PvE content completed is a terror. Just do it. Your playerbase will thank you in the long run if done now.
  8. 2 weeks and game is allready dead. wow....

    They already need to merge the least populated servers. The hype for the game has died out and the least populated servers will continue to shrink in population size. Bite the bullet merge the servers and make those on low pop servers happy. Hell combine all the low pop servers into a well populated server. It will actually help the game and not hurt it. Swtor failed to do this on launch and that was one of the reasons why it failed to do well.
  9. Refund for Outfit Pouch Transmutation

    Go xmute gems and see if they consume your mats in the process. They sparkling pentagonals will take the soulstones and currency but not the gem fragments why od outfits consume the fabric on fail. That is just bad design and seems like it was purposely implemented.
  10. I think so. They just need to bite the bullet and merge Junghado and Dochun. Give guilds renames if they are not unique and allow transfers off overpopulated servers like Mushin to these servers maybe provide an incentive as well to get people to move. Dochun can't even down Blackwyrm. That should tell you something.
  11. Windrest is the most populated EU server correct? I think they should offer server transfers to low pop servers though and judging by the recommended servers list Junghado and Dochun have the lowest pops. Though I think Dochun is a lot of casuals. I'm currently leveling an alt account on Dochun and have seen a lot of players leveling. In some zones there are 6 channels so might want to hold off on calling Dochun dead.
  12. is it forbidden to play 2 or more characters at once?

    Tried to run another client on my pc the launcher wouldnt allow it. Tried Vmware it worked to login screen but crashed on load screen. Sandboxie might work but from what I have read it is not possible to multibox.
  13. [CL] Dignity 18+ PvX

    Dignity recently came under new management. We are looking for dedicated players more specifically geared players for endgame content. We use Discord though it is not required unless doing group content. If interested send tell to MLP or Sir Fapsalot.
  14. Party Bidding System

    Except the stuff worth 50g never drops and on top of that you have to deal with shady people changing the loot rules right before boss dies so they get all the loot. Shit system is shit. I'd rather have a need before greed system and them up currency acquired and item drop rates.
  15. Daily dash?

    ^Your avg of 6 spaces per days is not the norm. I for one have to roll a little over 3 spaces now per day just to get the costume. Ridiculous imo. You can get screwed out of the costume just by having bad rng. And no I'm not premium nor do I want to pay for premium.