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  1. Character Preset

    Well there are some preset thopics, even with free presets. Im pretty sure you can find someone there. But if youre searching for something particular its gonna be nice to put more info. :) P.S. I dont know are those topics active but if you cant find anyone and still searching for someone i could try.
  2. WTB f2 pic with my char :3

    Well there are some cheaper commissions (i accidentally find this one). I think they are better than 5 years old. :D
  3. BnS crashes when reviving

    I had the same problem and i found a solution for myself. (I have also Intel HD integrated video card and additional NVIDIA.) 1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel. 2. In Manage 3D settings I chaneged my global settings to High-performance NVIDIA processor and in Program Settings i chose Client.exe and select the same. 3. Changed everything in Video (Adjust video color and image settings ) to With/Use the NVIDIA settings. P.S Sorry for my bad english.