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  1. New no cooldown; skills hack/exploit in arena?

    Enough is enough man, that video is disgusting. People can make all the excuses they want, they can say, "Oh, but ban waves are more effective", or whatever other BS, but this is too much. I dealt with the awful story and translation retconning. I dealt with the horrible launch, server downtime and no reciprocation for premium members. I dealt with the awful customer service that hasn't responded appropriately to a single request I've sent in, when they've all been simple, basic requests, such as not being able to purchase the V-Days costume before it was removed from the store, that would be handled and done in any other game without any stress or issues. I even dealt with the initial wave of bots in Arenas, the one area of the game I actually cared about. Not anymore though, I'm done. You can't wait forever to ban these people, yes, other games do have cheaters, but they get stomped out quickly, yes, even in F2P games. I'm not going to play a game where the one area of the game I want to play is infested by hackers, botters and cheaters 24/7. And apparently NCSoft West can't do anything about it, because they have to follow the development cycle and delayed releases that are being used in the East. Not that they'd necessarily have this stuff fixed anyway. Thanks but no thanks. All eight of my friends have already quit and I'm joining them. Maybe there are better MMO's out there, maybe not, but if not the solution isn't to play this. Good luck everyone, Warlock update just hit, which should be a big deal and the hype is already dead.
  2. Free Goodies for downtime

    I hope one day the real, "children" will get real jobs so they understand not everyone can play at whatever random time they want seven days a week. They had however long they needed to port this, they had the closed beta and then they had the head start. The fact that there was not only character creation restrictions but -also- huge queues and then their servers explode on the weekend is both hilarious and awful. It's funny in a way though, because I know if the idiots liberally using the word, "cry" to describe everyone else who has supported the game but wants to get their moneys worth were the only one supporting this game it'd crash and burn in no time. In fact, just look at these forums for 30 minutes and you already see severe issues. No where have I ever started playing an MMO and so quickly seen such a huge swath of anti-social keyboard warriors attacking others. Not just for this, but also for opinions on game design and balance. Sure, "have" your game. For however long it lasts if people like me, the ones actually supporting it leave. I'm not spending another cent on this game if there isn't at least a day added to premium though. Should be more like a week considering the value of weekend days though.
  3. I'm sure there will be people of both minds about character creation restriction and whether it is preferable to queues. Keep in mind however, that there was a very clear schedule for what realms were going to be restricted upon release and by ignoring that and restricting whatever servers they deem appropriate they are causing an issue that a lot of people, including myself deem far more egregious than some silly queues on the launch of a semi-anticipated MMO. I have a group of friends who I planned on playing this game with and primarily the main reason I was going to play this game was so we had a co-op experience we could enjoy together. I am the person who clued all these friends into this game, none of them would've known about or played this game had I not told them about it. With that in mind, one of my friends whom I suggested this game to bought into the early start premium system and chose the, "Poharan" server, "knowing" that it would be available for character creation upon release. Now, not only are you punishing me and my other friends who I had clued into this game because we are struggling with whether we should play now or wait, but you are punishing the player whom I told about the game and decided to support it early. This isn't acceptable. "Poharan" has been locked since the 9PM PST release date for the game and is scheduled to be that way until 6 AM PST the next day, that is bad enough but there isn't any guarantee that it will open up after 6 AM. Two of my friends are probably not going to bother with the game anymore (Before you dismiss these people as people who would just leech off the game anyway, one of these people has bought 95% of the skins in League of Legends and owns all the characters... do the math, not bragging for my friend either btw, just making a point), my friend who bought in early is pissed and I'm sitting here wondering if I should stick around for 5 hours for a *chance* to make a character on the correct server while dealing with the fact that some of my friends are a little angry at me because you guys can't figure out how to make a reasonable system for distributing server populations nor do you want to pay the piper to upgrade your server infrastructure..