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  1. WTB Hongmoon Pellet

    Pm : Polefirix. faction : Cerulean Thank you.
  2. Server Status

    Lul.. delay..
  3. Infinite Challenge ?

    Hi infinite challange dobok still dropable ? i run like 120 times today but no luck :/
  4. it's hybrid kfm and fm i hope come to eu soon ^^
  5. Mushin's Tower Floor 1 to 7 - Blade Dancer

    %45 crit :o
  6. imposible to kill Jughando F7 - FM

    pls make a video T_T
  7. anyone kill it but how? it's too op btw weapon is true profane +10
  8. Hello all. This player using bot i meet him first on po 6 man and then skitering tunnels he's only runing no talking no atacking anything here some screenshots. po-6 man tunnels
  9. RIP Servers again

  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    yea it's happening to me today
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    yea it's need to be unlimited block options for game sake..