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  1. Valntines event Red Roses last day quest?!

    Yes I did it for today. So basically I cant do anything about it huh? If it will be available tomorrow then I will just find out... Ugh...
  2. I have 34 red roses now and I need 35 for the event gem... Tomorrow is 24th feb which means event is over. Can I still acquire the quest on the last day and still craft my gem? Please respond any community manager! :|
  3. I may have heard from rumors from players ingame that at least the Flash Step bug mentioned in this thread gives a slightly faster attack speed, barely noticeable. Though only one player said that in chat and tbh even if its true then the change is so painfully small that its still not worth putting a point in it. Its STILL a problem.
  4. Stuck at character selection? anyone?

    You know instead of posting 3 posts you could also make one big post where you reply to 3 differnt ppl with 3 different quotes @Chunme
  5. Stuck at character selection? anyone?

    Bro there is no rollback on servers, the only problem here is access to servers >.>
  6. RIP Servers again

    FOR THE THIRD TIME within 24 hours the servers crashed AGAIN. Stuck at Character lobby screen and "Connecting"... RIP AGAIN
  7. Stuck at character selection? anyone?

    Wow and I thought I was the only one! Im also stuck at connecting in the character lobby, I turned in a blue quest and then it was frozen on the button when i pressed it. Forcefully closed the application with task manager and now it wont let me reconnect!
  8. Gold Spam STILL Flooding Chat

    Idea 1: I like the idea of that previous guy who posted about every message costing money. Since you progressively get more money from quests every next act you can make the cost for certain chats increase according to a similar formula like they use to calculate how much money a player receives from a quest. For example: Act 1 Viridian Coast = faction/region chat costs 1 or 2 copper per message Act 2 The Cinderlands = faction/region chat costs 15 copper per message Act 3 Moonwater Plains = faction/region chat costs 50 copper per message In a similar way Black Desert Online CBT1 did, you had this energy system where you get 1 energy every 3 min online ingame and 1 message costs initially 1 energy, but if you type too fast too many messages the energy cost increased dramatically, at one point I tested that and I used up almost all of my energy typing 5 sentences in quick succession. And I had lots of energy haha. Blade and Soul can maybe adapt a similar concept, pay in some form for chatting so that it doesnt punish the regular ppl who say once in a while a couple of times something and punishes hard the ones that spam a lot of messages. Idea 2: Also implement a chat restriction where you can say every x amount of seconds something in faction/region chat. For example: you can type every 15 seconds a new message in faction and region chat. This should work wonders. It should make it harder for the bots and wont hit the regular players as hard as it will hit the real spammers.
  9. Can't do mission "The Sand and the Fury"

    Hi I found perhaps a solution, look for my comment down in this thread, first page.
  10. Chapter 14 NPC Bug

    I just came to say that a clanmate had the same problem as OP. Exactly the same. I went through a troubleshooting session with her through skype and we (well she actually :D) somehow got it working again. Now im not sure what the actual solution is but this is what we went through, hopefully it will help other ppl who have this problem as well! Steps: 1. Right now she is in the same situation as OP is. When there should be a cutscene playing she is not getting it. She can also not continue the quest, no F button appears. When she exits the conversation with Yonkai all the other NPC's around him have the exact same line as Yonkai and exact same problem. 2. She teleported to Sandstone Refuge. 3. She went to an NPC with a completed blue quest. 4. She talked to the NPC and turned in the quest that was previously completed already. 5. She went back to talk with Jinbin, the NPC she had to talk to previously before needing to talk to Yonkai (see quest history). For this she had to enter a phased area as everyone needs to do. I just thought this might have been an important little detail that needed extra emphasis. 6. She teleported back to Yonkai. 7. She started talking to Yonkai and the story quest appeared clickable again. 8. She got to the same line that blocked her previously but this time she could continue. 9. The cutscene started playing, I told her NOT to skip the cutscene and let it play fully. 10. After the cutscene finished she could continue the quest and completed it successfully. As you can see this might be a phasing issue. The line Yonkai was bugged on was repeated at all the surrounding NPC's she talked to afterwards. They said exactly the same. However when she switched instances (from his encampment to Sandstone Refuge requires normally speaking walking through one of those phasing circles that you can walk through, you know those circles when you enter a new area that loads said new area) and talked to a different NPC that she had a quest with that could be completed, the bug was probably resolved right there. It could be that when you successfully compelete a quest that a hidden "quest-mechanic" gets reset in the game code and it starts counting again or something. Anyway idk how they programmed this game im just guessing. After that mechanic got reset maybe that solved the stuck mode Yonkai was in and the next time she would talk to him again it would start as if the previous bug never happened. That or what might have fixed it is talking to the previous story related NPC Jinbin. Though I highly doubt that... Or what also might have fixed it is just simply changing instance. From Yonkai's encampment teleporting somewhere where you would get a loading screen would trigger said new instance. There are three different theories of why this worked as you can see. But for now, untill this issue has been fixed, it does not matter. What matters is is that we now finnally have a temporary workaround for this issue untill devs fix it. If you follow the steps my clanmate had done in order then this will probably solve the issue for you too, sounds more reliable and easier than switching to a different client and logging in there... That said, as a side note, she was at her house where two computers(desktop, laptop, not sure) had the B&S client installed. She logged in on both and the problem remained. So what I can conclude from this is that this problem does not lie to the client but to the character! Either that or somehow by some major unluck both of these clients showed the exact same problem somehow. But come on, that seems unlikely... right? Anyway sorry for the wall of text but this wall might save your character so think twice before you post TL;DR! xD
  11. What I found so far. I really hope the BM skills get fixed and the friends list updates properly. p.s. I am stunned which insane requests ppl are making in this thread, some of you guys are *cricket*ing lunatics and complete entitled dumbasses that want shit to be handed on a silver platter, *cricket*ing grow up pisstains of gaming society. No offence... >.>
  12. 1

    Im being rude. Mkay. I rest my case here.
  13. Bump for workaround solution! :)