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  1. What I found so far. I really hope the BM skills get fixed and the friends list updates properly. p.s. I am stunned which insane requests ppl are making in this thread, some of you guys are *cricket*ing lunatics and complete entitled dumbasses that want shit to be handed on a silver platter, *cricket*ing grow up pisstains of gaming society. No offence... >.>
  2. Great counter argument, where are your ideas?
  3. My feedback would be that you keep the 7 days (168 hours) for a lvl 1 character, then lessen the period required for deletion of character to immediate deletion at lvl 45 (0 hours). For this system to be able to combat gold sellers you can choose to go for an exponential distribution (see below). So in the beginning it still takes a long time but at higher lvls it gets exponentially easier to delete it. This graph is just an example.
  4. It would seem that it is true what you said, you have to literally press both buttons at the exact same time for it to work. I will edit my original post but this still remains an issue though. That the community found a workaround for that doesnt mean its fixed, but thanks for passing this very usefull info along! :)
  5. That doesnt even work for me lol. I get nothing when I press either the left or right alt + enter. Its like its stuck on borderless windowed mode.
  6. I feel you man, Ill try to play on my char but I bet it will be so annoying that the game will already make me quit it before I even began.
  7. Im using a laptop so obviously I have a single monitor. Note: this bug happens at any resolution in fullscreen mode. Having said that: The first time I entered the tutorial area where I could move around I immediately noticed that when I move my mouse a bit too long in only one direction the mouse jumps out of fullscreen mode as if it was windowed mode. When I move the camera then it isnt as smooth anymore and actually is game breaking because the frames stutter massively, we are talking about missing a nearly full second worth of frames. Imagine playing with 5 FPS. But this has no
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