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  1. So I bought a week of premium and I intended to milk that for all its worth before I go back to school but looks like I only bought 6 days of premium (since the servers have been down)


    I DOUBT it but a really GOOD move by NC would be to increase the premium membership for everyone with it by however long the servers are down because it's a waste of money for every day the server is down.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Gintoki45 said:

    Why can't we call out scum bags for?

    Called witch hunting. Every game forum has this policy. But with reporting people not working at all, I feel like this rule should be lifted for the time being???


    Either way I've seen this happen way too often. They're able to get away with this for the time being :/

  3. 1 hour ago, Fuzaki said:

    Again, why do people (especially non-premium), keep trying to get into Mushin.

    Long story short is basically this was a designated server for the closed alpha and beta testing so a lot of people knew where to go when beta testing was open. Once early start rolled around and people already got used to Mushin as the main server, it stuck that way.


    I'm sure the pop will get better after a week when some of the F2P users get worn out or some of the premiums find something else within that time.


    The idea being more people, more fun on an MMO because no one likes an empty server.

  4. Time I started up the computer and entered the que as a non premium: 3:00 pm PST


    In this time I was able to:

    • Take a shower
    • Watch two movies of Lord of the Rings back to back
    • Watch two episodes of Rick and Morty
    • Go to a sit down restaurant

    Time finally getting into the game: 10:04 pm PST


    If the que is longer than 3,000 people, expect a 6 to 7 hour wait. Just passing the info along~

    And yes, "Buy premium, stop complaining." Well I would buy premium if the store wasn't unstable at the moment. I'm waiting a few days until NC gets it together.




    "The hidden blade is the deadliest."


  5. <--- didn't buy early beta, but has played the game 3 years on the japanese server.


    I just went into 5 duels lvl 20 vs 45 and only lost 10% my hp. Rip. They're raging on the forums too how a f2p won against a p2p ;) There's two kinds of people who play PvP: Ones who PvP for the challenge, and ones who PvP to only pay their way up.


    I could've easily payed money for a tier 3 founders and got to 45 to PvP within 24 hours BUT I like the challenge of starting low and defeating the people who are too high strung like you :3 Besides, why would you pay to beta test a game that has been out somewhere else and is confirmed to be working and in good order? Tsk tsk :P


    Though the name registration is nice ;)