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  1. Get this guy on camera. So we make him into a .gif-meme for future complaints.
  2. Hmm... yeah, I still get hourly crashes after the new patch.
  3. Getting random crashes every 30-60 min instead of 2-3 hours. Crashed three times during poh today.
  4. Awesome. I've been waiting for a guide for LBMs! 2 AM here, so I only scanned through it, but I'll definitely learn a lot from this. Thank you!
  5. Lv5 KFM (Jinx Nya, Yun): Lv27 SUM (Nyannie & Tibbers, Lyn): Lv45 LBM (Nyasuo, Lyn):
  6. Any news from them yet? I'm slowly getting tired of the constant crashed.
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