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  1. It depends on your server, but bsh and poh6 are very easy through the x-server dungeon finder. If you happen to be on a low population server, they said on the livestream that server transfer is in development (no ETA on this feauture). In fact, if you feel annoyed or unpleasant when you're playing B&S - it might be a sign that your brain is telling you to take a break instead of playing more!
  2. Hiya!! First of all, I'm not a good PvP-er, so I'm looking for helpful tips to improve my PvP knowledge and hopefully my skills will bump up a little! Mostly doing PvP for the dailies. I'd like to know how to improve my win rate against FM's on my SUM (~1700, EU) and WL (~1600, EU), I know WL has a small chance of winning against "good" FMs, but I shouldn't struggle against FM as a SUM. From what I've read it should be an equal match-up. Some things I do notice about myself is that: I get frustrated when the FMs kite me. so I tend to use my escapes quite fast t
  3. Get this guy on camera. So we make him into a .gif-meme for future complaints.
  4. I've leveled 3 characters to max level and working on my 4th now. I still haven't received that item as a drop, but 17 silver isn't much and you'll get the money back quickly.
  5. Source: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/119924-what-are-the-pro-and-con-for-each-class/
  6. My main will be Summoner (SMN) since it is a jack-of-all-trade class. Warlock (WL) looks visually more appealing so it will be my alt for PvE, and Blade Dancer (BD) is my alt for PvP. All three classes are level 45. For arena PvP, I'd go for Summoner because Warlocks have some difficult hard counters (Force Master and Destroyer imo), they are squishy and only have two escapes. For PvE, you'll be fine with both - just keep in mind that SMN = defensive support and WL = offensive support. SMN has a higher DPS than WL, but SMN's combat might feel more repetitive ("boring")
  7. Just got to level 24, Wingstorm makes it even more fun combined with Dragon Helix.
  8. It's roughly the same everywhere (I'm at Starfall). I'd stay at Windrest since it has a big population, try to friend people and maybe start your own clan.
  9. The latest patch fixed the performance issue and client crashes for me. I used to crash every hour and run the game around 20 fps, now I can run up to 60 fps (30 fps in combat) on my laptop and I haven't crashed yet.
  10. You can buy the outfit now and retrieve it later with your warlock.
  11. I also started with a Blade Dancer and it's still my main. I've also a Summoner and being able to stealth, counter, tank, CC, constant DPS from a range, and provide support to your party feels great. You can revive yourself and other players with your cat, which is very fun to watch and convenient. In short, if you want a perfect all-rounder to go for SUM, if you want a fire/ice cannon (pure DPS) then you should go for FM.
  12. I will renew premium if I don't crash every 1 hour, it used to be 2-3 hours which was bearable for me. I like the windwalk effect of LBM & SMN, gold and exp buffs and most importantly, wardrobe. But it's not much for the price we pay though, if they would allow account sharing only for premium members that'd be nice!
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