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  1. The "Rats as I expected" line was the one I couldn't deal with anymore, it was actually legitimately starting to make me wince when I heard it. I have said this multiple times in multiple threads, but as an amateur voice actor myself, it really disappoints me to see so little effort put into most of the voice acting. I still attest that for some of the main characters, or for characters who clearly have well known voice actors, they do alright. But even taking that into consideration, when you HAVE a character that is on point with their voice acting, it is instantly ruined by another character with voice acting so bad it makes you want to turn off the voice acting altogether, or in this case, literally patch a different voice pack in ourselves, because what we have is so ear-splittingly bad we'd rather get a bunch of files from a different version of the game and learn how to add them to ours.


    That's REALLY bad. I'm not even kidding here.


    Watch this. The VERY FIRST LINE in this video, INFAMOUS now for how excruciatingly bad it was, is still EONS better than most of the voices done in our version. There are only like...two or three clips in this 50 clip video that sound AS bad as what we have.


    There really isn't any excuse for this, except to save money. You have the voice acting community positively DRIPPING with talent, new and old. You could have picked ANYONE with your resources and long-time standing in the industry. I could do a better job, RIGHT NOW, for 90% of the characters in the game, and you wouldn't even have to pay me. I'd do it so no one would ever have to listen to "This isn't working....TRANSSSSSFORRRM" and then the wussiest sound effect I have possibly ever heard, while the dialogue says...yippie? 


    This isn't even close to okay, it's disrespectful to the source material, and it makes me feel like YOU think WE are either stupid, or we don't deserve quality.


    I realize that because of my enthusiasm and passion for the art, I take actual offense to how this was/is being handled, but I do. The voice acting in all of the other games, PARTICULARLY the Japanese and the original Korean are amazing.


    The right voice can bring a character to LIFE, they can make you forget you are playing a game/watching a show. You FEEL what they FEEL, THAT is the HALLMARK of exceptional acting.


    The hell am I supposed to feel listening to "grilled yutay sounds good, or maybe friend yu-what should we have for dinner?" I mean REALLY? Those sentences aren't even in the right order.


    You can do better. This game deserves better.


    /drops mic


  2. And why in the heck does it not matter what server we pick until AFTER the character is created? This is possibly one the WORST systems I have ever seen in an MMO, and let's just say at one point in my life I was closely associated to Nexon. Take that however you will, but if your goal is to emulate Nexon America, you may as well just shut yourselves down.


    TWO character slots is an insult to the free to play gamers that will not be able to afford your slots. Especially when you have six or seven different classes to play from. Keeping your players doing something new is a BIG way to SELL items in micro shops. New character, BRAND NEW EXP pool, lots of levels, lots of pots. It's beautiful. You are shooting yourselves in the foot in the long run by doing this.


    I've been waiting for this game to come out since before I can remember anymore. I had always planned to spend what I could in support of the game, and for me maybe that would be fine, and all of my problems go away, I can queue faster, I can have more money, more exp, it'd be great. I will more than likely do it when I feel it is a good time. But I want people in my parties. I want people in my guild, I want to take down other big guilds, and side with bigger guilds, and become this massive force of players who love this game, and if you don't have the industry knowledge to understand that MOST of those players are GOING to be COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY PLAYERS, if you SCARE OFF MY potential guildmates, and MY potential raids, and future allies, and all of that fun I COULD HAVE..


    I am not giving you one cent. And I KNOW others will follow suit. This needs to be addressed, SOON.

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