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  1. It's the exact same for anyone in the US too, go check it under Resource Manager. All those times you play arena and suddenly feel like you are lagging isn't your imagination, this game lags worse in arena than it does in KR.
  2. There's nothing you can do. You want to have good FPS, don't play a game running on UE3.
  3. It doesn't matter what hardware you have, UE3 is basically the worst engine ever made for any mmo. There's a reason every mmo that came out with it failed. Tera runs the same engine and surprise, it runs just as bad as this.
  4. Blade & Soul is dying

    Name an MMO that has bot trains and nonstop goldspam in every area of the game. BTW Korea has this exact same amount of bots and its P2P with a sub.
  5. Blade & Soul is dying

    They've been "working" on the bot issue since the game came out years ago in Korea and China and it's the exact same now as it was then. So i don't know why you're expecting anything to happen, because it wont.
  6. Bad engine and bad optimization. I can run BDO on highest settings and get better FPS than i get on this with its graphics from 10 years ago.
  7. This game is practically designed for bots. It will never be fixed, look at Korea and China, it's just as bad there and the games been out for years.
  8. fix for GameGuard error 4049

    The fact you even have to download an old version of GG because it breaks itself auto updating is comical. What kind of amateur trash is this?
  9. This needs to be fixed ASAP

    Yeah not like GMs can restore characters in 20 seconds or anything like every other game in the world. There is no reason for this to be in place.
  10. So I looked at the schedule and Mushin isn't supposed to be locked. So when is it coming up?