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  1. Hey there folks! Basically, as the title states, is this game noob friendly? To be clear, I'm not a complete noob. I used to play the game somewhat regularly at launch. I left around the time Soul Fighter was introduced. I remember the game being very grind heavy for gear upgrades. My account still has some high level toons. Warlock, Summoner and Blade Dancer with Warlock being HM 6 I believe? Anyways, I've been away for a long time and I've recently gave up WoW for good (well... maybe?) and I personally just love MMO's so I'm trying to find something I can casually pla
  2. Thanks for the advice! What are peaches? And Flowers, are you speaking of the Lunar Twilight Flower? I have quite a few but don't know their purpose. If those are the flowers you speak of, what are their purpose? What are they currency for? EDIT: I'm in game now, looked at the Dragon Express vendor and saw legendary Bopaes, the Longgui Soul Shields, are these the soul shields you speak of that requires the flowers? If these are the Soul Shields, how do I acquire the Sacred Longgui keys to open them? I apologize for all the questions. This game has a lot going on with little resourc
  3. So Seraph and Baleful superiority aside, my current goal should be to stick to upgrading my current weapon and after True Ivory, it goes into legendary? MSP is also the 24 man right? How hard is the 24 man content? I've yet to try it. Although my PC can handle this game, we're all too aware of the performance issues this game suffers from, so I'm a bit worried to even do 24 man lol.
  4. Hey guys, recently returned player! Just looking for some guidance, pretty confused at the moment. So I returned to the game about 2 weeks ago after a pretty decent hiatus, maybe 8 months? Anyways, I come back to the game, don't touch my HM5 WL since I had no idea what I was doing, fell in love with my level 40 BD and it's all I've been playing since. I completed the story up to it's current point, and saved all my items. Right now, I'm HM6 about to go into HM7, have all Pinnacle accessories and Awakened Ivory Stage 9 weapon. Now here's my question.. what should I be w
  5. I didn't say anything necessarily wrong. It's just the nature of a Korean MMO's. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just they tend to be more grindy and difficult. Which is why I said what I said.
  6. I was about to open a thread and ask the same thing. I haven't played in over a year I believe. When I left, bots practically ruled the game, everything was expensive from weapons upgrades to accessories. Even professions were costly. I'm sure in that respect, it hasn't change much but is the game in general more enjoyable?
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