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  1. is there an emergency server maintenance?

    try to look at twitter.com/bladeandsoul or website before. it scheduled maintenance, and it seems good maintenance. i think today's maintenance is the answer for spam in chatbox.
  2. maintenance

    will this thread become screenshoot, echi. video thread like before? 4hrs.. its good if it for better game. but i have something to ask, now i'm lvl 37, near 38. but i still curious about Serpent Calling bell, how i can find it? already lvl 37 but still doesnt get that windstrike skill.. how poor i am
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    Tsubasa Honda! i like her, i like paruru, rena nounen, tsubasa honda..
  4. Server down or crashed ?

    i just love dota mechanic on games. it way better than LoL (in my opinion) i try LoL, and cant enjoy the game, i like HotS than LoL, i like Vain Glory than LoL. i like strife (steam game casual moba look like LoL) also. but doto take my time. 6K hrs since 2013. someone said to me "try other game, u already crazy" try other moba, but not suit me, then open twitch there no 3 game streaming at that time is Blade and Soul. i try, and i enjoy it. but why server go down like this. i just found something intresting game.. oh damn
  5. Server down or crashed ?

    Actually Blade and Soul, save my life by getting too much on one game like this. but why!! why!! all this problem comes when i start enjoying other game than this!
  6. Server down or crashed ?

    Your desktop describe your life.. OMG.. looks like my desk. coke bottle on left keyboard, some snack just right on my mouse. tv remote near my speaker.. oh.. my... god
  7. Server down or crashed ?

    Killing waiting time with some Doto
  8. Server down or crashed ?

    twitter BnS moments ago
  9. Server down or crashed ?

    ikuut.. tapi gw di yunma.. Failed to connect server (204) atm
  10. Server down or crashed ?

    Me too.. Indonesia .. ayo main bareng lv 18, yunma
  11. Server down or crashed ?

    cant get out from loading video. WP.. maybe they cant belive this game would be BOOM after release outside korea. seems not prepared enough. wish server get better ASAP, only on holiday i can play this game whole day. haha