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  1. Extremely offensive chat.

    Or you could alwyas... you know... grow a pair and stop being butthurt over stupid things like this. Oim~
  2. are left handed players just screwed?

    I'm still installing* but I was on the understanding that B&S uses WASD, if that's the case I fail to see how key bindings can't be mirrored, even if it isn't you could always use mapping software to get the same result. Edit*: typo Oim~
  3. So i'm not alone Oim~
  4. >Not even plat on a game with almost no player base yet >Implying that is an accomplishment I Kek'd Oim~
  5. are left handed players just screwed?

    How hard is it to think that you can simply mirror the keys to the other half of your keyboard? -.- Oim~
  6. Looking for a friend

    Added you on steam, still downloading B&S tho :p Oim~