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  1. Just unlock the Warlock already

    #unlockthelock most others I am struggling to stay interested in the game. mindlessly playing other characters while waiting for NC's "Soon" release. I think their plan backfired and we are not spending tons of money on current classes. Then they most likely hoped once warlock would release we would spend more.
  2. The pink one is cute! if they release it~ hope it doesn't come in an RNG box. would so buy one of that outfit for each character straight out.
  3. Just unlock the Warlock already

    We are getting the nerfed version ^_^ that is why I don't expect many sticking to it. cept those who actually enjoy the class. Rather then looking for the easy win class for pvp.
  4. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Ran Pigsty, Monkey place and the other blue dungeon that drops crafting recipes...All 3 dropped warlock weapons..It made me sad seeing the weapon drop for the class I want to main. Also going to toss this in again, I want the warlock regardless of the nerf. I plan to use it for PvE. So before someone comes in all "nub it's not even good" that should shut it down.
  5. Thank you NC~ ^_^

    can't even make a thankful post on the forums without people bashing all over it. typical gaming forums I guess.
  6. Thank you NC~ ^_^

    Still thankful they are gone and the Valentines outfit wasn't RNG =p
  7. Thank you NC~ ^_^

    There has been a flood of complaints and I will admit I was lumped in with them (my warlock sadness) but there has been some great changes made that have gone without a thanks. So here is a thank you! Thank you for removing those horrible RNG boxes. Thank you Increasing the healing done on Divine Veil for FM, We PvE players enjoy it ^_^ Thank you for making DragonBlood Free in some dungeons! Thank you for changing the cross server button from Preparing to actually ready button now ^^
  8. What happened to Winter Frenzy Chest?

    huh the outfit is 1,999 Ncoin. I didn't pay attention much. I just had coins left after paying for a year of premium. but still. It's nice they did it as a direct release and not some stupid rng box. I was also just happy to see a white outfit \o/ in the flood of dark colored armors and red armors.
  9. What happened to Winter Frenzy Chest?

    most of the outfits are 1,600 NCoin and under.
  10. What happened to Winter Frenzy Chest?

    brah? oh dear one of these..... How are you figuring outfits are 25$? 20$ USD gets you 1,600 NCoin.
  11. cat tank nerfed

    Some bosses have abilities that cannot be taunted from. Like the Chef in E.Fleet she does her swishy blades all over on people randomly. The first mini boss in The 45 monkey dungeon. the one who spawns two animals. He also does an all over attack bouncing on people. I saw Poh brought up. I think she does the same. I have seem times where I have aggro, but she shoot some other direction or throws those napalm bombs at others randomly. Edited to fix Money to Monkey >.> I have been leveling a summoner to solo with and heal/tank when I do party. Hope I am not to late to do that lol my summoner is only level 34
  12. cat tank nerfed

    wait what was the nerf O.o? mine still says taunts for 8 seconds. with a 12 second cooldown. between the 4 seconds I use my lil flower thing that blocks an attack and puts me in stealth for 6 seconds. in that time I can then re taunt and put my dots back on. did I miss a change O_O was the taunt longer?
  13. What happened to Winter Frenzy Chest?

    Seeing them gone actually made me spend more money =p I was worried the valentines items would be stupid RNG boxes. Was over joyed I could just spend 20$ to get them. Also not sure if anyone at NC reads this stuff. But thanks for tossing in the white framed glasses and white roses with the Valentines outfit!
  14. Misty Wood Channels...

    I fully agree! like why alienate the PvE players from the game? specially when we need those items to progress in PvE?.. Like I get it.. PvE players won't get them into the Esport ring like they wanna be.. but we bring in more money then Pvp players do. PvE players are often more loyal to a game and don't jump ship as soon as a new gank fest pvp game comes out.
  15. Misty Wood Channels...

    mine has been 6 channels for days. now today just 2 and both had no joke about 4-5 groups of Crimsons doing their quests. My server has a huge population of Crimsons and a couple Ceruleans who are not bot spammers.