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  1. Bug - Warlock training room

    same problem here as well!
  2. Warlock Training Issue

    During the Scourge training, I am unable to progress at Advanced 5 (Key Combo Leech Combo). It requires me to start with Soul Shackle but it isn't available in scourge build. And when I switch the skills to Distortion it won't allow me to chain the other skills.
  3. My FOB side is itching with that explanation cheon jin won (or kwon as people have said) is actually based on the chinese words 天津拳(which is what CN had used because its the correct translation as the hangul was based off of the chinese characters.) why i mention kwon is because of taekwondo (or however you spell it). kwon literally means fist/punch/strike, or '拳'. And 天津 having the meaning of divinity. 'Mushins' actual name literally means the Divine Fist. As for 武神, his title as you said, means war god. In other words he is basically Cheon Jin Kwon the War God or Divine Fist, the Mushin lmao What NA had done was turning his name into a title and his original title into his name. "Mushin (supposedly his title) the Divine Fist (his actual name)"